Infinite loops need to be fixed

One of the most infuriating defense team structures are those which do NOT finish a battle quickly, but instead take 30+ turns in a row to kill you. Yeah, it can be annoying to lose one turn one because of a bad board, like the old Ubastet teams. But at least it was like a bandaid being ripped off; painful but quick.

The current rope dart team, however, is a fine example of NOT doing that. In the last match I just had I had ONE turn which I spent to try to stop Moon Rabbit from being able to create a 4 match, only for the newly spawned gem to be EXACTLY the same color gem I had cleared out, allowing it to get a 4 match off of the transform.

I then counted 28 free turns in a row on the AI’s side before my team finally ran out of life. I did not get a second turn.

Loop teams have gotten worse and worse the longer I’ve played. Over time, new cards keep adding potential for infinite loops to become more reliable, and easier for the AI to consistently pull off. Infinite loops are pretty much useless on attack, of course, because they waste so much time, but on defense they tend to make the most infuriating troll teams.

The worst thing is the flood of empowered orb changers who have been popping onto the scene lately. Each time a new combination of color changes and cost colors appears, combo potential skyrockets. If this keeps up, the game won’t even be playable anymore. It’ll just be the Ai taking a turn of literally unlimited length, transforming gems in perpetuity until the player exits the game.

Can we please reign this problem in BEFORE we reach that point? I don’t think I want to play vs a meta where every team is an infinite stall loop for months before it gets fixed, as tends to be the case when a meta team gets out of hand.


Freeze was put in specifically to stop the AI from looping. There ya go!

There are zero troops with both freeze and empowered. Which means the only way to freeze the enemy out of a turn one infiniloop would be to use the frost mage hero class in every team. Making a single card/class mandatory isn’t balance. You need a variety of ways to deal with an issue.

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I’ve been saying for 2 years I wish there was a cap to free turns somewhere around 3. There’s just not a good reason to let teams loop more than that.


Any hero class with the Water tree can Freeze an enemy at the start of combat. You can also bring whichever Empowered mana generator of your choice that powers the Freeze caster of your choice. You can also bring whichever Empowered looping team you like the best with a Queen Mab to Freeze on each loop.

That’s a lot more options than “one mandatory card”.

Looping has been such a part of the game for so long that it just doesn’t even stand out anymore. It’s really no big deal to me at all. *shrug*


If they start into a loop I just click the options button and retreat. Not worth the time, headache, or frustration to see if I get another turn or can still win with what remains. Although, generally, I just automatically refuse to fight any team with that setup.


Oh okay. two classes can use the freeze ability. To freeze one random enemy, who has a chance to just recover from the freeze anyway and infiniloop.

Bringing an empowered orb changer to charge up a freeze spell isn’t really solving the problem that empowered orb changers are making the game unbalanced. Using the unbalanced mechanics to counter the same unbalanced mechanic does not mean it’s balanced. It just means that mechanic overpowers most every other option.

Finally, just because looping has been a problem for a long time doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. It’s been a problem, it is a problem, and it will continue to be a problem until it is reigned in. And as we get more empowered orb changers and other comboing cards, we’re going to see a sharp drop in the number of viable teams you can play with.

It’s not a problem it’s a mechanic. Learn to play the game and jump out ahead of these teams or manage the board with gem control. Goblins will run amuck every now and then but so to will nom-intentionally looping teams if RNG has your number.

Gorg valk mab mercy there is your empowered freeze


Best way to beat empower, is to use empower.
So outside of Guild Wars. It’s really not an issue.
Guild Wars needs to be reviewed.

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“Use empower to beat empower” is no more a solution to this problem than “Use Ubastet to beat Ubastet” was a solution to that problem.


I never said Ubastet was an issue. I thought the nerf was ridiculous.
Just because you don’t like the solution. Doesn’t mean the problem is an actual problem.

I recall someone a while back showing off a lengthy win streak using a team consisting of only one ubastet and nothing else. Ubastet was downright broken when it first came out.

A large part of the fun of having a bunch of cards and team building is being able to build a variety of good teams to use. That is hampered severely if the game requires you to use a specific strategy, or one of only a couple cards above everything else.

A player can absolutely do that… In 90% of the game… Just not ranked PvP… Because there’s only like 10 different defenses.
One player winning a lot is a severely small sample size. But having an issue with one troop like Ubastet is understandable… You brought him up in your own defense of how a Mirror match is a bad counter.
That’s one unbalanced troop.
What you’re talking about is changing a major mechanic of the game because you can’t Outloop the Loopers. 🤷

My point with bringing Ubastet up is that a mirror strategy doesn’t count as a counter strategy as far as balance is concerned.

Says who???

Says anyone with a cursory understanding of game balance? A mirror strategy, by definition, is the same strategy as the one being examined for balance. The fact that it is powerful cannot be evidence that it is not powerful.

Here’s my thing, my dude.

Floor 20 something onward is supposed to be hard. 25 is “the end” of a Tower of Doom. Everything past that just repeats, and you stop getting the (arguably) best rewards.

So while I do not like encountering something unfair like Spirit Fox when I’m playing at that level, I feel like I also have to acknowledge the devs are trying to make something that’s still hard for a player like me, who has everything important in the game already.

The only way to make it “hard” is to make it unfair. Even with the team restrictions, I can usually make something that will eradicate any team up to level 80 or so within 10 turns. It turns out, when it comes to GoW teambuidling, “average number of turns to win” is the real exciting metric to chase. Usually, if you let a CPU team get to turn 10, you lose. It’s just hard to come back when you’re playing around like that.

So the CPU’s best offense is to lower that turn threshold. By floor 20, I’m in serious danger of 2 skull hits taking out any of my troops. There’s usually at least 2 ability combos that can wipe out one of my troops. I’m usually using a high-variance strategy that isn’t resilient to losing a particular troop, like Earth’s Fury + Irongut or some form of Mang team. So if it happens to kill the troop I was relying on, that’s sad for me.

I can’t think of a good way to make the CPU harder without unfair tactics. Not with the current troop selection.

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So in other words… You know better than the maker of Puzzle Quest and GoW. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
(He creates empowered troops that counter other empowered troops.)

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That’s putting words in my mouth, and very disingenuous. If you’re going to be a pedant because you’re salty that we disagreed in another thread, just do everyone a favor and shut up now.

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You make it sound like the devs put thought into the teams we face each week in events. It’s all automated and selected from a pool of possible teams.

A 9 mana troop that can 1 shot anything and is empowered and stealthy is just obnoxious. If you say that’s the only way to make battles hard for us this game is in trouble.