Incoming: Raid Boss

What do thy mean by “be sure to be in a guild”? On Monday or on Tuesday (like for GW)?

And when I click on “Learn More” there is nothing to learn…


I can here eager for information. Maybe a post later today?

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I get that all the time, as I know everything


Everything except for humility, it would seem…


Oh I do know what that is

“portals opening in 1d21hrs.” So that would be Monday.

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Suppose that Monday will be education day and the event actually starts on Tuesday?

From everything I’ve read. The rewards for raids will be guild based similar to GW. So it’s fair to say you have to be in a guild to be eligible for it. And like GW… If you join a guild midweek then you won’t be able to participate in the raids. The reverse is true for guilds. If you lose a member midweek then you’ll have a harder time progressing in the raids. I just hope… For the love of God. That success in it isn’t determined by an arbitrary point system.
It should be a race. First guild that beats the final raid boss. Gets first place etc…
Each member/guild will have the same amount of tokens to use each day. Everyone will have a chance at bonus tokens, but also capped so only 1 per player bonus.
Last, whatever guild trophy ranking you are won’t matter. A semi brand new guild (30 members) will have the same chances of winning the Raids. As the top guilds in the game.
Leaderboards will be based on which players do the most amount of damage during the raids. But the only Rewards there are bragging rights.
All of this is based on everything I’ve read the past month or 2. But still most of it is speculation at this point.

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If I understand well, there is no competition between guilds only players, so I guess we will have static thresholds to achieve to unloch rewards (eample: deal 100 damage to Zuul, 200 damage, 500 etc.).

My question was to know when the event will begin. As @MarvelKit said, according to the timer, it should be at Monday reset which means no “one-day” period to find some new recruits. But I guess that it’s just an inaccurate timer… :slight_smile:


Or… lol… Everyone just makes changes on Sundays like I do. Though admittedly… The three separate modes could throw a wrench in the way I do things…:thinking:

But it would crucial to know it rather than to suppose it for recruitment.
And the event is about to start and we know nothing…

Not me. Generally when someone leaves our guild, it’s after taking their GW rewards: as they have contributed, it’s normal that they have their rewards.

That’s normal: devs are waiting for the last minute to tell us that each week we will have to spend gems to get the new stuff (troop/weapon).


Yay, I mean boo, I mean what?

Me so confused.


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It’s the Yellow Guardian, that’s easy!

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That’s strange: apparently, the Raid Boss will start in one day so one hour before weekly reset…

It probably should read 1 day and 47 minutes but they got rid of the minute countdown.

It can’t say 1d 01 hrs because it’s less than that. I don’t think it can say 1d 55 minutes. It must round down, never up.

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Lots of things I’m curious about. Like if Sigils are required to fight the raid boss and the invasions are they going to be a different type of currency? If not will you have to remove them at the end of the week, otherwise they can just be used next raid right?

This will be a fun and exciting next few weeks, and am looking forward to the lack of errors. :wink:

Sigils need to be use before end of current event or you gonna lose them