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IMPORTANT: We recommend you don't update yet

Hello everyone,

We’re currently experiencing a few issues with our 2.0.100 update.

We recommend that you don’t update & start the game just yet. We’ll post here when we’ve determined if there is a problem or not (and when we have some more info over what’s gone wrong).


:frowning: wish I hadn’t been so eager to update
Getting a game file corrupted please reinstall message :frowning:

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Should never check the game for readiness when you can check the forum. Forum at least might have other useful/entertaining stuff… like this.

Forum range: nothing -> useful/entertaining -> patch is ready
Game range: virus or something -> nothing -> nothing -> patch is ready

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Uh oh… Hope this doesn’t cause permanent damage!

Well…crud. Already updated and now getting the “file corrupt, reinstall” error. At this point I’ll sit on my hands and wait. :innocent:

Oh noes it auto updates.

I’m using iPhone 6, and started the game after finishing update. And I found it seems that my save files was gone on my mobile…

Too late. Behind the error message I see the tutorial. I foresee many angry customers.

Hmm yes mine updated… Oh well we’ll see what comes out in the wash… :thinking:

Mine auto updated. xD

Man and I sunk a lot of time into this game already. Just got the corrupted file message. Hope this isn’t a permanent loss/restart situation…

Considering everything important about your account is stored on the server, I highly doubt this can do any permanent damage.


I’m sure they have a back-up save… If you know your invite code.

Isn’t your profile data saved on the server?

All good - nothing will be lost.
The reason you see the tutorial is that it was forwarding you on to the test server


i load up the game get the servers are down message, yet i see people talking in the chat. WTF are they up down, sideways or doing a cartwheel.

Thanks for info! And please take your time on the update! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the confirmation. Looking forward to 2.0.1!

lol - turns out you can sit in chat and avoid the server going down!


Wish i could get thrown in the chat server when the rest of the game server is down? I should make that a feature request.