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Impervious trait appears when gaining positive status effects

Has anyone else noticed this? When gaining certain positive status effects like Enchant, troops with the Impervious trait display the trait name even though nothing happens. Supposedly Enchant is a positive status effect that Impervious should not need to protect against (and it doesn’t, as like I said, nothing happens). I noticed this repeatedly playing Voice of Orpheus and Holy St. Astra in the same team together (and don’t ask me why I did that).

Hi @anon98544912

Please fill out the bug reporting template so we can better understand this issue, I can generally understand what you’re getting at but we need more information

I’ll make a video, but I also need more information, and preferably other additional means to replicate this issue.

On a side note, when is the update 4.2 scheduled to be released?

I also tried using Forest Guardian with Wulfgarok and the same happened: Wulfgarok displayed “Impervious” upon gaining Barrier.

Should impervious or invulnerable troops get a benefit of any status effect? If they’re immune to all status effects, shouldn’t that also apply to positive ones too?

The game is terribly inconsistent when it comes to handling status effects. It is a long-running joke among some forums members that “Status Effects” and “status effects” are different groups, but even that went out the window with a recently-released troop.

It’s even funnier when the Dwarven Gate somehow got the Dodge trait, and no, it wasn’t in Delves.

To mention some other thing that’s not related to this bug report, but nevertheless.

When you use a Sunbird card and if you have some Hero’s class that can summon Bandits or other spawns,
sometimes it will replace that card/slot, leaving the ‘resurrection’ ability of the Sunbird pointless or impossible.

If this is a bug, can someone make a bug report?

Not a bug. Bandit spawning through a hero talent is a 50% chance, IIRC. So it won’t happen all the time. Official dev stance is that the code is working in the right order, so don’t use that hero talent on teams with Sunbird.

Good to know. I know that this isn’t a correct place to post this, but if the Titan class has a barrier and you get hit by the enemy, why is not attack (counterattack perk) increased by two points once you get hit?

I know that you can still stun the enemy even if you have the Barrier on (matching browns).

Thanks for your answer.

The answer here is that “on attack” effects are a damn mess. This has been another point of contention between the player base (who want consistency) and the devs (who know that it’d take weeks of effort to rework and do all the necessary testing at this point).

Indeed, they are. It would make a perfect sense to gain +2 attack each time that you are attacked, not damaged.

@Grundulum and @Koromac I appreciate the responses in relation to the OP’s original topic, but you are derailing the thread a little which is against the community guidelines. Like any other thread please try to keep things relevant to the exact topic at hand (in this case, the reporter’s bug, not other issues). :slight_smile:

@anon98544912 I can see you deleted a post, can I refer to this? We don’t need you to reproduce the issue, we just need more information and the post you deleted has that.

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Yes. The content of that reply has been reposted in a separate thread. That deletion was unintentional and I wasn’t aware of it. Please refer to my new report which follows the proper template. Thanks.

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Thanks for that @anon98544912 :+1: