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Im losing my patience and frustrated

Im not going to rant for a book here. Im going to get to the point.

The gem issues and justice league has gone on so long with the only thing we here is “we r working on it”

I built my guild with a buddy and literally 7 vets in my guild are conteplating quitting GoW for good because of the lack of really addressing problems outside of taglines to buy time. When its me frusterated im annoyed but when irl friends and guildmates are gonna quit…i get pissed.

This is not rocket science. Justice league has been a cancer on consoles for months and it and the unity gem cascade nonsense has gone on long enough.

  1. Fix the console justice league. Im not dumb. Literally 97% of people have justice league as their defense…how can you not address an obvious problem?
  2. Fix the unity gem cascade nonsense on pc/android

I feel like you guys are frozen in fear and just literally not addressing the huge issues. I mean honestly…the justice league console issue is like a 6 month thing now. Its ridiculous.


Why would they be frozen in fear?
Probably just overwhelmed because the game has grown fast and they are a small team.
But it is true that they only seem to care about adding new content now, while bugs - some of them very annoying - have been ignored by months.


Yep dealing with the same 1-2 teams for almost every fight is a real bummer. It’s also not too easy to deal with when you have next to 0 traits and no mythic troops (not that either of those guarantee wins, but it does help.)

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This has gone on for almost a year now on console. Why has this not been fixed yet. How many more threads do we need to see from console players before you fix Justice for them? I am no console player and have not experienced Justice there, but it should not take 1 year to fix this.


Your incorrectly interpreting the developers lack of communication as frozen in fear. However, just because they haven’t addressed this on the forum recently, the community manager has: she said in the next console update they hope the problem should be not be quite as prevalent. I’m not convinced, but said my piece elsewhere.

@Mithran wrote up a excellent summary of his concerns regarding this issue (and I share them). Unfortunately, for now we can only wait and see what happens after the next update is deployed.



You know it takes time to push out updates, right? People have been complaining about it since the last update. Gotta wait til the next one to get it fixed. It’s not like they’ve pushed out multiple updates and ignored it. They’ve even acknowledge the issue. I really don’t understand what more you want…

Also, as far as I can tell, they have fixed gem cascades on Mobile/PC.

Takes time?

The console justice league plague has been going on for a really really long time. I get the unity issue might be newer. But justice league on console shows two things.

  1. A problem that has existed for a year and has been a griped about…still exists a year later which establishes their timeline ability to address problems.
  2. That they dont actually look at numbers if they exist. Ive literally not fought a gw battles since its inception that wasnt justice league. Outside people who had fully traited bombat hero double boost week and double orc boost week.
    Its one of 4 justice league combos…every…single…day…
    Pvp too…365 days straight of…“oh hello justice league”

Literally any video game i can think of would never let a plague like this exist for this long. Im at the point i wouldnt even care if everyone from justice league was deleted from the game…and i have them all traited and leveled and mythiced too. I just refuse to use them.

I refuse to add to the plague.

I agree with this. I have never, and will never, put that team or any variation of it on defence. I won’t even use it to invade, it makes me so sick.

Edit: I just checked my troop stats on Ashtender and I have used Justice to invade exactly once, so I am not exaggerating.


Same here and we don’t need it to be #1

There is a msg from another guild:

“guild of thieves-- fairplay not a queen mab/justice team in sight in gw thank you also for breaking the meta”



We’re fighting phreeeekxxxx today, the top ps4 guild, every single battle apart from the paragon was vjm. Easy wins for me but it’s so frigging unimaginative and boring. My defence is last week’s and the new meta. In time you’ll see…

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Same for us today the enemy team only had VJM in def but they still getting destroyed :slight_smile:

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Is it an apothacary/Maw combo?
Venoxia involved?

Nope to both.

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Uh…u have 2 forum accounts?

No, but I know what @Dan_ozzzy189’s team is and it was neither of your guesses. That’s all I was going to say.

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The plan to give console the inferior PC AI is also a mistake.


But pc will always be the standard bearer. Easiest to patch and distribute. Get things “right” on there and then send it everywhere else…

Not disagreeing with you mind you. Not even using this as the justification. Just what’s the likely reality we have to deal with.

I understand, but they have had an inferior AI since day 1 with no fix in sight. They were supposed to get our AI until people accepted the cascades were broken and not an imaginary issue.

The old console AI is the best they have had.

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Welllll … I fight with different teams weekly I even set them at times for my defense. This week its set for the event. And while I am sure a huge amount who have fought me are mab teams. My defense team which is not a mab team, has done pretty well for itself.

Currently in the top 20 on PS4 and got there simply using this weeks bonus troops.

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I share your concern @Salibu .
I refuse to use the team, just because it is just so damn overused. Thankfully, this game made it possible for me to capitalize on team that is loosing (revenge) :smile:
So I still try to come up with teams that are interesting, and still kind of powerful to fight against, meaning they Involve a bit of luck so I don’t feel bad about 0-10 score …

I actually have an Ice Wolf + Queen Mab in my defense. If lucky, it hits for 4x skull damage … but isn’t as frustrating to fight against. And has counter-play. As a result - people tend to fight it more often than Justice League and I get more goodies.

Because since I tend to avoid Psion+Famine and Justice+Mab … I assume other people do the same. And oh boy, the amount of defense battles rose once I changed the defense (was almost 3 months ago).

It really tells something about player’s feelings when people just ignore or avoid it every time they see one.
I mean … How hard it is to lower the ratio per Frozen targets by half, since it boosts two stats?