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I'm buying Deathknight armor next week for top 5 PVP

Hello my friends some of you may heard that we started a second guild called Intrim 2. To help promote the new hardcore Elite guild I’ve decided to buy Deathknight Armor for any member of Intrim or Intrim 2 that places in the top 5 PVP rankings next week.

Intrim 2 are still recruiting new members right now. The min requirements are 300k gold donations and 300 trophies per week, for short we call this 300K/300. If you wish to join please let us know.

Please tell others that are interested! Please make me buy 5 Deathknight Armors, us Elites need the best Armor available for WAR!!!


What a kind gesture. Bravo.

Thank you I’m all for hard work

Damn. Now thats a fatty reward. Better than the one that game awards hehe. Cool gesture :smiley:

Thanks I’m supporting the game and promoting healthy competition at the same time. This is why Intrim is the best guild, we take care of our own! Looking for new members by the way

well paid* :sunglasses:

Asha things are crazy please let me know what’s going on? Did Royal Fire split? Did Dhji Leave his guild? please I need to know what’s happening lmfao!

Join Intrim today guys!

I’m not touching any of that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m very curious as well, haha

Lmfao I hate being in the dark like this @Sirrian @Nimhain We need a chat for guild leaders only. We must have a fair competitive league environment for all. Please we need you devs to call a fair game. What’s going on here! Lol please enlighten us leaders. We are trying to win a title here baby!

Why would the success of your own guild be dependant on what any other guild is doing? If you have a good team providing everyone with the resources everyone wants and needs, then aren’t you already a success?

Edit: and as a side note, setting up a competition for your guildmates and giving a reward at the end seems like a great way to further your guild’s success.

I hear you But we must keep things fair for all

We started a second guild because we needed more than 30 slots. Can we please have another guild but allow them to be ranked just like we are now? You know like what Royal Fire are doing now?

But what is or isn’t fair in this case? What’s uneven for everyone here? That they created a duplicate guild? Apparently that was due to extraordinary circumstances. But other than maybe changing 1 spot in the overall rankings, how does it change how your guild performs?

Guild’s reputations are more based on the people you have. Low ranked guilds can have a great rep because of their members who in turn may produce more than others ranked much higher. End of the day it’s about the people and to that if you have a great team, there’s no reason why every guild who does can’t be successful.

Stop cheating!!!

Did you miss this?

Stop Cheating!!! Call a fair game!!!

We work too hard for this, we dedicate way to much time in this game for this. Everyone should put as much time in as us then talk!