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"If you're not first, you're last"


I don’t know if we are the fastest guild to ever hit 1 Million Trophies at 409 days old. But here’s some fun facts that I do know.

  • We’ve never had a member banned from the game for cheating.
  • I started the guild with little to no idea on how to play Gems of War nor how to manage a guild.
  • We started Guild Wars in one of the last place brackets and actually earned our way all the way up to Bracket 1.
  • We’ve never had a gold, seals, or trophy requirements. Instead I’ve been always had a special requirement (adjusted over time/experience) that requires people to be as active as their peers in the guild.
  • The most important fun fact…ALL CREDIT for the success of AWR goes to the Current and Past members.

I’m just the DB Captain who steers the ship. What makes it one of the best guilds in the game is the amazing crew members. I appreciate all that stayed with me despite my mistakes. And I sincerely apologize to those former members that I had to learn from my mistakes with. Like the rest of Gems of War, there’s not a tutorial on how to be a great GM. 409 days ago I started a guild with no expectation of having others join it. When they started to randomly join (I didn’t Recruit for the first 3 months). I decided that I wanted to play with 29 others just as active as me. I’ve never changed that mentality even to this day. It’s not about the trophies or the legendary tasks. I whore that info out to lure new people to see what’s behind the curtain. Once they do, they quickly realize that the success is secondary. The foremost is the fun they have playing the game and helping each other get better. I fear, that my members don’t take the time to sit down and reflect on all the accomplishments we have succeeded in. Well …we have one more short term goal tomorrow. (40k seals in 24 hours) After that, it’s time to let this all set in. Before we set our sights on the top 25. :wink:

TL:DR - I’m a DB, my bad, and my people are amazing, so :clap: for them. :grin:

PS… This post is 100% self congratulatory in nature. And not meant to put any other guilds down. I’ve only really ever been in one guild. So I’m in no way an expert of other guilds. I just know that my posse is special and that I can be the other kind of “special” some (most) of the time. :metal:


So top 10 in a next half year huh? :grin:

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I’m waiting for our trophy. Kidding. We set a goal and as a guild reached it plus some. What a great group we have here. Not only do we achieve with help from each other but have fun not only with the game but as a group.

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What’s a DB?

Forget the trophy, i want the t-shirt,lol.


Dawnbringer in GoW world. :wink:

Just wait. Once you are in the top 15 or so, you’ll be desirable to cheaters. At top 5, it’s practically inevitable- Cheaters look for the best guilds, can easily meet reqs and not appear suspicious, and get banned from devs. I highly doubt any top 50 guild in this game supports cheating, because they are all full of people who would rather have their time and skill investments speak for themselves.

First i want to say congratulations to you for your accomplishment! Second as a response to zuboki i want to ask why i always see people accusing others of cheating? I mean im sure it happens but is it really that common? Based solely on the things ive read here i would think it is but it seems like it should be a rare occurrence instead.

It is not that common. Every top guild, at one time or another, has been taken in by botters or people using trainers. The devs spot them fairly quickly and they are summarily banned. The sad part is the guild’s reputation gets damaged by these actions.

On the other hand, there is always someone in the game, no matter which game, who is convinced that if they can’t do something, the person who can must be cheating. This is where most of the accusations come from.


Still every top guild at one point or another seems more common than i would think

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The tools used to cheat are trivial to acquire. That’s why cheating isn’t rare.

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Congrats to @awryan and your crew!