If not Guild Wars then what?

We’ve seen the extremes of negativity and positivity with the start of Guild Wars this week. Broadly speaking, it seems like it’s made the “hardcore” players happy while it’s made the “casual” players upset. Fortunately for us all, this is a game can accommodate both!

Since the hardcore people just got a system that appeals to them, it seems like it’s only reasonable to assume the pendulum will swing the other way and they’ll introduce new systems designed to appeal to the casual contingent. Which raises the question:

What new systems do the players that don’t like Guild Wars want to see?

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For those that don’t care about ranking on some yardstick, the game is about casual matches and card collection. Casual matches are available in many flavors (PVP 1-3T, Casual 1-3T, Explore, and Challenge). For card collect…

Crafting, coming with next big patch.


The friction may be where the casual collector feels pushed into GW… exclusive troops as rewards, and Guilds pushing or feeling they have to engage in GW, but Guilds are one of the best sources of resources for the collector… so the casual feels sucked into a game mode with not-fun pressures and limitations…

@Rasper I agree (if this is what you’re hinting at): I’m way more excited by the prospect of crafting than GW…

Edit: to answer the OP: more game modes please! Mini games. Guild uber boss raids. Survival challenge. And so on.


Unless you’re in the top 10 bracket, you aren’t getting the exclusive troop to Mythic.

If you’re only going for Legendary, you can do that with guild seals once GW gets the next set and first set moves to chests. Just do at least 1 match a week without any care if it is a win or loss to qualify for the min reward of 3 troops/week so you own it for kingdom PL reasons.

And yeah, I would LOVE themed event boss fights (using unobtainable troops as the enemy, like Dragon Head, Dragon Left Claw, Dragon Right Claw, Dragon Tail as the 4 troops, designed to work in combination), survival matches / dungeon runs, etc…


I don’t really like or dislike GW currently; there are parts I really like and parts I dislike (but most of those seem pretty unanimously disliked so I expect most of those to be addressed over the coming months). While there are many aspects of the game I’d love to see enhanced, built upon or added (such as mini-games), as a Guild Leader, I have to go back to my standby and say I’d love to see more robust guild features…but I know I’m in the minority here as Guild Leaders will always only be a small fraction of the playing population and things we crave don’t exactly add “fun” to the game at large.

So my non-GL answer is crafting…but since that’s already been announced, I’ll stick with enhancing the current mini-games and adding some more. :slight_smile:


I’m in a ‘top 10’ guild (just) and I don’t imagine I will be getting the exclusive troops to Mythic for a long time. The meaningful numbers will go to the same 2-3 hardcore guilds every week, presumably to be dispatched into souls while everyone else waits for them to rotate into guild chests.


I agree that the GW seems to have really seemed to segment the community, but I’m not sure it’s between the hard core and the casual. There are some pretty hard core that don’t like GW (even in this thread). As for what might be next for those who don’t like GW, I have no idea. It is a pretty major mode and apparently took a lot of resources (“hundreds of thousands of dollars” is what I remember reading), so I can’t see something else coming too soon. And I do think crafting is something a lot of us are looking forward to, although I think that is more for “collectors” as mentioned or for long-term/hardcore players, since I expect the resource cost for crafting will be too high to be much use to new/casual players. I look forward to hearing what is the next “major” thing planned for the game, but think it could be a while before there is any official news…

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but only the top guild each week (spot #1) has a shot of getting any of the cards to mythic anytime soon, no? If it takes 190 cards to reach Mythic from Common (5+10+25+50+100), then a guild would have to come in first twice to have enough cards to take it to mythic. Since they’re on a six-week cycle, that means if a guild places in 1st the first two times a card hits in the cycle it’ll take them seven weeks to get enough cards for mythic. If, however, they come in 1st once and 2nd the next cycle, they’d still be 11 cards short and would have to wait another six weeks to finish them off. While not as long a wait as we’ve had for some Mythics to come back around, 13-14 weeks is still a long time even for tops guilds to have to wait. Most guilds will probably end up getting them all to mythic when the cards finally enter the chest pool instead. That means it most likely doesn’t matter how well you do in Guild Wars; we’ll probably all have the same chance at getting the cards to mythic at the same time no matter how we do or if we even compete in GW.

Did I do the math right? :smiley:


I would like to see more mini games to take the edge off the pvp grind, especially if they would let us earn glory and trophies.


@htismaqe said it best before it even started, that all the system would do is bottleneck everyone into close battles with eachother, not even competitive, it would come down to a small margin of points of the best guilds between each top bracket week after week.
Low and behold, it happened just like that.
Shame, i’m just gonna play it casually

They did say a looooong while ago that after Guild Wars, they would try to focus on coming up with some new mini games.

So far, mini games have been adressing the needs of the casual, and proved not worth playing for high end players wich seems to fit the job description given by the OP, however I do hope that high end players will also find themselves playing those new mini games :slight_smile:

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I can’t wait for crafting. It’s pretty much my sole wish at this point.


@htismaqe you crafty devil, you. :smile:


I don’t understand why devs focus on GW better than new mini-games…

The last answer of Sirrian (Nov 2016):

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My understanding: Guild Wars is a competitive game mode that appeals to some players that probably wouldn’t be excited about another casual mini-game. And the very essence of a mini-game is not something that creates a sinkhole for resources, that may or may not, lead to some eventual in-game purchases… I’m not implying they are desperate to make money out of GW in the very first days, but taking a look at everything we have for free, and as PVP is a source of resources with barely any competitivity aside from the Throphies (and also with no need for in-game currency investiments) we can’t blame them at all for introducing something that could bring some cash to pay for the daily coffee at office, can we?

Who are pleased by GW? Players who are already in love with this game or in a enough good situation to be pleased with this mode (enough Mythic or in a good guild, etc.).
On the other hand, some (many?) players complained about GW, some left GoW because of it… for how much players who will continue GoW thanks to GW?
Newcomers seems really not the target of this feature… but I don’t know how GW is fun outside of my bracket 1. Do guilds in bracket 70-100 enjoy it? Or are furstrated because of the color bonus?
So it seems that this feature (which took a looong time to be implemented) target a population who was already “acquired” to this game…
I also failed to understand the business plan with GW: you need gems for the sentinel so maybe some dollars for devs but gems are also given as a reward…

But better than GW or mini-games, devs can focus on purchasable features (esthetic ones because this game is not P2W). I will be pleased to pay for that but sorry not for a small bonus stats.

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I’ve been asking for months - if they would just make the Paths not have chance to give duplicate mythics I would buy one. I recently upped that to two. And while they acknowledged my request they have not said anything suggesting it’s something they would be willing to do. They seem to be leaving so many opportunities for real $$$ on the table…


I didn’t said their business plan or GW as a feature was perfect, but considering how mini-games generates resources with zero cost for the player they wouldn’t make a single dolar out of it, and as i said we had a lot of things for free for a long time and as they tried this…

…with Lapina and Dwarf avatars, whose sales weren’t very good if i’m not mistaken, they probably decided to try something else as the next step… In this case introducing GW with some sort of cost/investiment.

Maybe their next step is something more fun/casual related once they refine some aspects of Guild Wars as i believe they intend to balance their content not only to make things profitable, but also appealing to other portions of their public.

Maybe…maybe the new crafting system will be a mini game! :open_mouth: