If Gem Creators are being nerfed

…we should get a refund for them, all 70 of them.

Nerfs give refunds because after changes many people may not want to use troops anymore. Many of the troops that create gems are now really bad due to their near-inability to create matches, in fact hurting you because it gives the AI matches. I’ve moved away from those teams, and would like my traitstones and levels back to use for new teams.


Relax they are trying to fix it, no need to scream for scandal


I can understand this. There were a couple I leveled up when they were bugged. Even though I’m not in need of the stones and souls, I can see lower level players that also leveled them up that could really use those resources back.


You are wrong @Rickygervais, they only respond to these types of rants anymore. They have no problems making stealth adjustments to nerf the hell out of a troop or a function but when it comes time to reverse that then they claim they have to think on it and weigh all options and other such BS. Quick they are to pull the nerf trigger but slow as hell to reverse it when its shown they have screwed up yet again.


I’m pretty sure they are done fixing it on pc/unity.
I’ve seen post in the appropriate threads where the devs say that the current pc/unity implementation is where it is meant to be.

Some of us don’t agree with that of course :slight_smile:
Mostly because some teams that used to work before the unity patch (sacrifice team for example), don’t work at all anymore, since it went from a success rate of 75% to one below 25%…

Which seems to conflict with the “same as before unity” statement…


those are the latest responces i could find

by my understanding it means it is still being tweaked, and even re-thought to some extent


Agreed, I understood the same, that tweaks are still being done.

If they ultimately decide to keep generators worthless, though, I don’t think expecting refunds would be out of line - especially for players who don’t have a huge pool of resources to begin with.


This is the one I recalled:

Which is what was fixed (a tad to much) after all the research Mithral did on the weird gem spawner behaviour. As documented here:

We have been asking for more tweaking (as mentioned) in that thread as well as in others, just never really heard anything official on it, nor is the spawner team I mentioned any more playable now (after 2 weeks). So to me it looks like nothing happened after Alpheon’s fix (in regards to gem spawners).

So let’s hope I just interpreted Salty’s statement wrongly then :slight_smile:

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there are two combo breakers, and yeah i hope the anti-loop one is still worked on

i couldnt care less about cascades being stopped "too often"
if at all, id rather increase the efficiency of cascade blocker to work more often as those new 3.0.5 cascades are too much for my taste :stuck_out_tongue: but i think the cascade blocker is - and works as intended - suppose to work only until tier 1

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Me to… I’m kinda stuck with one good team now, for ranked pvp.
Maybe the new cards tomorrow will add some new fun teams.

And agreed on the cascades… it’s still to crazy for my liking.
I think there would have been much more stink about them without the x4 speed option… so that feature was well planned :slight_smile: