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Ice Golem vanished?

For some reason, the Ice Golem has vanished from my card collection.
Even when I selected ‘Show All’, it still does not appear.
I have attached a screenshot.


You didn’t keep him in a cold area, didn’t you?
Maybe shegra sneezed on him? :open_mouth:


We’ve gotten similar reports of this, if you turn off Show All, you should see him again.

We’ll going to have a look why this is happening with the Show All button.

Ok, so after closing the game, verifying integrity of game cache, then reloading the game I have partially fixed the problem.

The Ice Golem is now showing up for me, but when selecting ‘Show All’ it vanishes again.

EDIT: Correct Nimhain, thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

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He’s probably melted…! :smirk:

Okay - problem found… his release date was set incorrectly, which is only checked when SHOW ALL is used.
We’ll update that in the next day or so.

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