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Updated "Not in chests" list

Updated Dec 12

Added the last Blackhawk troops to chests

Bonnie Rose


Updated Dec 19

Added to chests:


Updated Dec 26

Added to chests:
Wandering Monk

I think Ice Golem is in chests too.


Updated Jan 2

Added to chests:
Mummified King
Bastite Priestess

Has anybody pulled an Ice Golem from a chest? I don’t think it is released yet


Doubt hes in the chest, shitted my leg last week with an opening spree…

I’m guessing the “only checked” is only in reference to the troop list, and that the release date also affects whether or not it can drop from chests. Should probably be fixed by now?

We know that having a release date in the past does not mean the troop can drop from chests, as evident from event troops which are not in chests for 4 weeks after their release date. Possibly Ice Golem is the same, at least until proven otherwise.

I believe Desdaemona came in the chests 1 month after she was given as a gift, correct me if I am wrong, I think its the same with Ice Golem.

I would be glad to correct you. Rock Troll wasn’t in chests for a month after its release, but Desdaemona was available in chests right away, that’s what I remember and can be confirmed by a forum search.

Thanks for correcting me. :slight_smile:

Updated Jan 9th

Added to chests:
Night Hag
Giant Toad


Updated Jan 16th

Added to chests:
Snow Guardian


I got an Ice Golem from a Glory Key today, so Ice Golem is now in chests.

I suspect he wasn’t in chests before because he was slated for an event first, and the automated code they now have to put things in chests put him in four weeks when he was originally scheduled.


Updated for Jan 23

Added to chests:
Snowy Owl
Urska Wanderer

Also of note, after this patch the contents of the Gold Chests won’t be changing for quite some time. All commons and rares are now included. I predict the next change won’t happen until the next Kingdom comes out, likely some time in March (if they keep to the 2 month interval rate)


Updated for Jan 30, sorry for delay. I forgot

Added to chests

Void Portal (Jan 30)
Dark Troll (Jan 30)

Notes: gold chests list next update as Feb 20, however no common or rare is set to appear on that date, so it might just be the limit of the internal calendar. Mythic is predicted for this Friday, and at some point soon we will be changing to the next Imp.


Was wondering if the Horsemen were out i have a friend that got Famine as a Mystic out of a chest i believe was wondering about that?

All of the Horsemen are in chests for the next 4.5 hrs. After that the next Mythic will be introduced and it will be exclusive in chests for the next week. After that they all will become available once again.

Normally, all mythics can be found in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests. However on the first week of release of a new mythic only the new one can be found.

Event chests are different and only drop a mythic if you is in the kingdom of the week.

What chest are they in ?

The Horsemen are obtainable in gem,glory,vip and guild chests.