I would like to thank the developers for ruining the game

This game has been a huge part of my life for almost a year now. I quickly fell in love with it. I shared it with friends and family. Now many if them play and it’s great to share with and help each other. I have been fortunate to have found some great friends from all over the world to play with. I’m lucky enough to be in the greatest and closest knit guild in the game. Truly they have become a second family. This game really hit the soft spot for me. It combined puzzle games and my love of Magic the Gathering. Perfect combo. I listen to boards and hear the frustrations of other players when there is some new latest and greatest unbeatable defense , and how it ruins the game and they quit. Or how those same unbeatable combos get nerfed and it ruins the game and they quit. When those things happen our guild would put our heads together and develop teams to handle it. There was always a work around for whatever defense you fought. That is the strategy of the game. Using the cards in the right combination to defeat whatever defense you were up against. Well now with this latest “upgrade” that is no longer the case. Yes the AI is now smarter…but it is also very lucky. Looping is the new enemy. Some matches I’m lucky to even see turn three before the AI is up and running and I have to just stare is disbelief as I watch my team just get devoured and looped to death. And I am powerless. Sure you can win a match or two…heaven forbid it’s in Guild Wars that you come against a Kraken or Troll team. Changes in the game are good. It brings new ideas and challenges but when the changes absolutely ruin the game what’s the point.


The most common response is “investigating” then 6 months later “fixing”.

Then we get new toys to play with and that includes new game breaking bugs prior to the old ones being fixed.

All the while they still expect us to support thrm with our money???


Yeah u must be pc…this ai is exactly what consol players have been complaining about. I can say that once you are used to it and accept it you can start building against it. It is possible.


Captain, good luck with your movement.

Eika out


Do note that somewhat recently the engine has turned to Unity and so things are a bit odd, but I have had little problems and it is closer to what you get as well, so you might have a good match and then a bad match but if you have good teams it should be no problem.

For the most part, there really isn’t any bugs that I have encounterd, the sunbird leveling problems was one but, past that not much and also I have a good feeling you are stretching the time, so just be patient and stop being a protester for things that aren’t really a problem.

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I’m a reasonably skilled player and a lot of times it’s like, Omg, who flipped the F you switch. Cascade after cascade, spells, extra turns, more cascades. You can now enjoy the console build like we have for so long. Remember we were told it was all in our heads and we were talking shit? Well we weren’t. Sometimes the game is virtually unplayable. I’m all for improving the ai and a challenge but the game is no longer fun. It’s time to call it a day and develop something else imo.


I don’t really seem to problems with cascades anymore and even when they happen I usually come out fine.

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It seems to go in phases. Just had around ten battles before the game crashed on ps4 and I won maybe three of them. It was brutal

So the impervious trait not working is a good thing then yeah?

Troops being devoured that should not be in a match is a good thing yeah?

I can protest all i like mate, if you dont like it, then dont read it or respond.

Thank you…

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I don’t know about you, but I’m finding the game harder after this upgrade, but not unfair at all. And this is GOOD, after all these months I’m able to lose some games at last! :sweat_smile:

Before this patch everything was so so easy.

I’m doing a solid 5/0 and 4/1 on guild wars even with this new AI (god bless it), the cascade “problem” mentioned on the OP, and the impervious bug. I’m sorry, but I can’'t see anything ruined here.

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Welcome aboard the justice league console AI! :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure I don’t remember console complaining about impervious being broken

Impervious is definitely broken now after the update. There currently is no defense against the Forest Troll/Kraken combo because Kraken eats everything no matter what. I’ve seen it eat Wulfs and Plague who are specifically there for their defensive capabilities. Definitely frustrating.


I just lost a Behemoth in Guild wars to it today… He had over 120 health thanks to my earlier 4/5 matches. Turned into an unbeatable Kraken. Fix please.


My go to anti krakens (unbeaten) team is
Spirit Fox
Lady Ironbeard
King Highforge

(take out Forest Troll with Lady Iron asap)

Fortitude doesn’t seem to be affected by the bug - although the krakens rarely even get a chance to hit my team.


Bless you! Your halo is in the mail.

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What’s the simplest solution? Go back to pre 3.1 with no 4x speed, all traits working as intended, old guild task and LT economy and with soulforge?

I would support that, though I fear it’s unlikely.

Not yet, but i am asuming that our update is the same as the one PC and Mobile got already.

I hope i am wrong though.

I had my Dwarves devoured this morning. Hoping they fixed it.