I Said Stalling, Not Stalin! (Team-building! Tips and Assistance Welcome!)

Hey everyone, it’s the Avatar of the Hype God again here for more team discussion.

Now I’ve played a lot of card games and a lot of video games, and I’ve already found out my playstyles for both: either I like to do convoluted combos or I like to use the tactic that frustrates opponents the most…because making people hate you for your playstyle is so much fun and a game is only fun when no one else is enjoying themselves! :imp:

In Magic The Gathering, that means blowing up lands and stealing permanents. In fighting games, that means playing a solid keepaway game that shuts out the opponent. I feel like in GoW, that means stalling. What do I mean by this? Well, basically having a team that has no win con outside dealing damage from skull matches…and having a team that will continue to take blow after blow and just keep on trucking until 150 turns later you’ve lost or quit and feel miserable that you even challenged them in the first place! :joy:

As with my last Team-Building topic, this team isn’t final, however this is very much not static but rather just what I have for now and is very subject to change if much better options are available.

And here is the list of what I have, in order of team position:

Orc’s Banner (Red/Brown)
Archon Statue

Archon is very tanky and can take initial burst damage, and if that burst damage actually gets through his armor and touches him he can then hit back pretty hard with his ability. Gets extra Brown from Banner. Keeping him alive usually doesn’t matter all that much as his high damage is not consistent once the stall game starts.

Dryad is one half of the tag-team champions in this deck. The health, healing, and barrier is what makes this team SUPER stall-tastic. The green gems she makes feed Archon, and she cannot die unless Summoner has gone out of control and can back himself up.

Summoner is the other half of the ultimate tag-team champions. The health to everyone (including the tokens he makes, which is insanely good) is so good, and the Ghoul tokens actually put in work and help feed the mana cost of other troops while buffing themselves. Gets extra red from Banner, Ghouls get extra Brown and get their ability of a single match of 3.

Alchemist is good, Alchemist is wise.

So, any input? Suggestions? Let me know, I’m all ears. :grin:


Actual Team: http://ashtender.com/gems/teams/1011,6025,6131,6005

Goal Team: http://ashtender.com/gems/teams/6100,6167,6157,6025

This is the reason slap downs were invented.

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I’m assuming you mean for a defense team, @ForsakenM?

Seems like a decent lowbie slow’m-down deck to me. You won’t win much, but that’s not the point, right? I wouldn’t want to use it for offense, though.

I looked up the term, but I’m not quite sure what you mean, however I will assume you mean an angry response of some sort. I would hope to build a team that causes many such reactions.

Yes, the goal of the team is not focused on winning, but rather making the enemy spend a VERY long time trying to win. If my team ends up winning through sheer RNG skull placement, then so be it, but that’s not the priority: the priority is to be obnoxious and master of the Art of Stall.

Any tips or mentions for troops that are very good at stalling?

You’re the guy who camps out at the spawn point to take out players as soon as they enter, aren’t you? I find such actions reprehensible, because the only way you have fun is making others miserable. Plus one point for honesty; minus 1000 for being a misanthrope.

I actually do not play FPS games anymore, although I used to a lot when I was younger. If Combat Arms rings a bell, that was my FPS of choice back in my super PC gaming days. I used to run snipes in every map until I got kicked too much for getting so many kill that people swore I was hacking, so I switched to SMGs and lobbing grenades off of walls.

I’m the kind of guy who does care about people and loves them to death, but has a nasty troll streak: the kind of guy who buys something for his friends rather than himself whenever he goes out, but makes terribly frustrating Mario Maker levels and watches and then rewatches videos of people who play them so he can laugh at their suffering.


what the heck is wrong with you lol, forsaken didnt do anything wrong?

Not only has he specifically stated that he enjoys other people’s frustration and suffering, he has the unmitigated gall to ask others to help him do it. If you don’t see anything wrong with that, the two of you probably make a great pair.

@ForsakenM, whatever team you come up with, I look forward to kicking it in record time.

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I made an impossibly hard little big planet level once, i actually could beat it but it was obnoxious. (it was called “too hot” i think i have a vid of it somewhere but cant find it.) The level consisted of a pretty dark lava lit area with rotating propellors everywhere that you had to jump on but also on top of to proceed, it also had very small platforms you had to jump on exactly (nothing like pixels, just small enough to be able to stand on it)

To this day noone has beat it except me lol.

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I run 4 fortress gates on defence because I’m not an ass. Enjoy the soul grinding.

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Seems like there might be a bit of personal hate going on here, but it’s the the internet, that beautiful place where anonymity and animosity run wild. Not much I can do about that, I’ll just wait for some better input.

I made a recent change: even though at low levels your hero can’t contribute much in terms of abilities (on console, at least) they are ungodly tanky at an early age…so I stuck myself in place of Archon and slapped a true-damage Green weapon on me and called it a day.

Did a test run: no one died and I was at 63 Health with Barrier…

Good times ahead! :sunglasses:

Realistically, it’s impossible to build a stonewalling team against a sufficiently high-level opponent. The teams you are playing with now will annoy or frustrate low- to mid-level players, but you will not find success later on.


Maybe so, but that’s no reason not to try, am I right? :sweat_smile:

Lots of people did something amazing by pursuing something everyone told them they can’t do.

It may not do well at anything but making them angry, but that’s it’s true intent, and I mean you never really know: if the team can last long enough, maybe RNGesus can pull out a win. :wink:

I feel like this may best happen in Green/Brown, but I may be wrong.

I wish there was a way for me to look up troops based on stats…:dizzy_face:

http://ashtender.com/gems/trooptable allows you to choose the columns, and some of the options are stats.


@RiverSong calm it down… there are plenty of irritating people in the world, don’t try too hard to pin that on people here… This is harmless, and many of us want to set PVP defences that frustrate or discourage invaders… especially when the new 2.0 pvp lands…

These are true, the simple stall teams won’t cut it once you get invaded by top tier players… I’d run that one down in under 90 seconds with AoE spell damage…


This, thats also why i dont see harm in this and why animosity is out of line, every team has a hard counter really. Even the most annoying goblin one does, wich is frozen.

The intelligent approach here is what makes me like it, i too refuse to just use a sheggra sheggra sheggra sheggra team (joke, i mean a sheggra team) but fool around with 1 same color (makes me only lose 1 color) 4xmagic bonus synergy teams alot making me use cards that other people would consider useless such as wight and mist stalker effectively. Thats the best part of this game and why no card should have static synergy. The amount of combinations you can make is awesome and makes me understand why people like the trait update so much i used to be against. :slight_smile:

That just means I would have to built something that can build up health/armor and barrier quickly, and I may be on to something.

So I was browsing the awesomesauce site designed by @Lyya herself and I found some cards that consoles don’t have access to yet.

Enter Team Play The Blues!

This team consists of:


This team gets the Lord of Devas and Maester of Water bonuses, and would be running either Giant’s Banner or Sword Banner, although I think Giant’s Banner would be best as that makes everyone who isn’t Mercy full on two regular matches with Mercy being full on two four-matches. Now this team does suffer from not getting any mana from Purple or Red…but I think it also has a bit of a way around that too: Mercy turns can change useless purple gems to yellow, which feeds Dryad and Djinn and Templar changes red gems to green which feeds Mercy. Dryad also makes green gems that Mercy can use, and Djinn has the option to feed gems to any team member…so I think getting the gems needed won’t be too big of an issue. Also Templar gets Water Link which will help him fill that much faster and providing carryover mana for other allies, and the combination of Defender and Armored with his higher armor and the fact that in the late game armor doesn’t mean too much due to the damage output potential (also true damage and Burn/Poison are things that do in fact exist) add up the reasons why he takes the lead.

Mercy is second because she (when fully traited) enters play with her ability ready, which is insane as she will be ready to cleanse any status effects and heal the enemies’ main target right out the gate.

Djinn is where I think this actually goes completely bonkers! Not only does she give them flat life, but if she’s not giving gems to match, she gives them 2 to their magic! This whole team runs off it’s magic, and more of it just makes it more crazy: More Armor, and more life life life life life life life life LIFE! Even just a single magic buff to one ally can do so much, but multiple buffs and this team starts to get out of control.

Dryad is so tanky that I put her in last to cover that ‘hit the last enemy’ slot. The life and barrier she gives just makes it that much more frustrating. Also, traited-out she can’t been given a status effect, and her Mercy and Djinn gives themselves extra life with their traits…not to mention how crazy it could start with two stacks of Blessed. I mean, no matter one stat it goes to it’s worthwhile, and just imagine if they both end up being magic on a troop? Phew buddy, look out for this team, or you will being playing for 45 minutes just to inflict some damage just to see it get healed up! :joy:

Any suggestions on troops or troop order or really anything is encouraged and appreciated! :smile:

A note: the AI doesn’t play targeted healers all that well. It tends to heal/barrier the wrong ally often, and once it has picked a target it will often over-focus on them to the detriment of the rest of the team.

And as I mentioned before, defensive teams like this simply don’t cut it for endgame, when you get there. I’d love to encounter a team like this, as it’s an easy victory.

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I hardly ever get battled and often when i do get battled i have victories. Especially now that i FINALLY (GOD FINALLY) got my leader card fully traited.

Mouths will foam, i just know it.

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Team please?