I paid 50$ and the store stole the money (Solved)

You can do it through the store but mine is completely glitches out. So I bought it through the psn store.

I can honestly say I don’t regret dropping 130$. This game is worth it.


I definitely this it’s a PlayStation issue because I tried it again and got nothing. I was 50 VIP points away from level 5 so I bought a 10$ pack.
Support has been great, just need to get this last purchase in lol

It happened again lol. Definitely a psn issue

Might be time to cut PSN loose and get with Xbox live! You are keeping the devs busy! :slight_smile:

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My mistake really, I wanted the VIP 5 chests and got confused on the price lol. But I am 99% sure I got it. 10$= 50 VIP right?

Here’s a good reference:

I put in 130$ but was 50 VIP points away still. Strange. Hopefully I can quickly get this 10$ verified. I really want those chests :frowning:

It’s possible they adjusted the numbers required when they added the new VIP levels.

It’s all cool. I just want to start saving for those chests. What do you think is the best mythic?

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Opinions vary on the best mythic, but Gard’s Avatar and Famine are usually at the top. War and Draakulis are usually at the bottom, though they can have niche uses. Death is pretty decent for his drain and chance to kill. Plague, Abynissia, and Wulfgarok can do well in the right deck.

All base mythics take a boatload of mana to charge. They simply aren’t built for speed. And they take a ton of stones to trait. Fair warning.


I got a level 20 Abynissia.

My teams is
Black beast

Feed orion to black beast, make him tanky, use Abynissia power, feed black beast again, use Abynissia power again, infernal king summoned, use his ability, then sheggra, then black beast to eat king. Beasts extra gems usually connect. All with a awesomely high attack.

Neat strategy! I generally build more for speed and quick attack power - “the best defense is overwhelming offense” kind of stuff. Since you will likely have a number of top cards soon, here’s an aspirational deck for you:


Full traits on all. If you can get Gorgotha charged, it’s pretty much over. Not the fastest, but pretty amusing and devastating.

Oh and it makes me cringe that you use Orion as Beast food. :slight_smile: Orion is an incredible front troop in the right deck when fully traited.

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I can’t wait to get at that level.

I JUST NEED THAT 10$ VERIFIED :scream::scream::scream:

I have Famine in exactly that spot! EK, Dragon Soul, Valk, Famine all fully traited! I win most pvp battles and win a high % of defense battles!

Absolutely! I don’t have any but I am now a VIP 5,so I’m pretty sure I’ll get some but I only really want gards avatar and have been trying get his stones together.
You watch, I’ll get plague, plague, plague. Lol got 3k gems and 15 keys waiting for gards…

Yep that’s my current all-daemon deck that still sees play in my invade rotation. A bit slow to get started at times but really can get rolling. Unfortunately this build hardly ever sees IK being summoned so Abby is simply there as an expensive exploder/buffer. Keep thinking of placing Marilith back into this team and taking Abby out…

Hi guys i checked on @Lyya page to see gard avatar and he only got 17 health at level 20?

It says 19 on her site, but that doesn’t factor in kingdom bonuses that players might have. I think there is somewhere in the area of 8 Life kingdoms? so that would mean more like 27 life.

Well that still suck for a mythic imo

Maybe that was for balancing since his power and traits are awesome.