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I need help!

Good afternoon, 9 days ago I received a ban for reasons I did not understand, I immediately wrote to technical support. 2 days created another 1. I did not receive an answer. Where else to write to solve the problem? It upsets this attitude … The last hope for the forum …I hope someone from technical support will pay attention to my post and still solve my problem. Thank you. .


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Does it say anywhere what you were banned for? Because the “Cheat Detection” doesn’t look great for you…

I don’t know why, cheating is written … I play from the phone and computer, on my own (with my hands, I didn’t hack anything, I didn’t use anything) … and 10 days ago I didn’t let me into the game.

Bans for cheat detection are pretty permanent. It also means a dev reviewed your account, because they don’t auto-ban for that.

Honestly, I don’t know the procedure for awarding bans, I played this game all my free time and I didn’t develop badly enough, there was simply no point in cheating, the game brings me pleasure, and I will seek to return to the game on my account. I have no goal to prove to someone, I just want to continue enjoying the game … that’s all … 10 days have passed, and I have not received a single answer.

I apologize, not cheating, but hacking was the reason for the ban, I see no difference in this … in principle there is no difference. I just want to keep playing. I don’t know what could be the reason.

Wait, so did you hack something?

Either way, the support area where you tried is the best/only way to try to appeal you case. From what I’ve seen in the forums, responses tend to be slow, if they happen at all. But as @RiverSong mentioned, devs probably reviewed you account and believe there was enough evidence of suspicious activity to ban you.

So either you need to keep waiting and hope that someone will eventually respond (not sure if you can keep adding to the original support ticket but you could try that to ping them and see if there’s been an update). Best of luck, though.

Thank you for your words of support. I have no choice, I’m waiting for the answer. There is no desire to quit the game, I do not know what was there, was hacked. I want to know: delete the game and forget about it, or there is a chance to continue playing. I just realized that the processing of such requests is either very long or unanswered. But I still hope for a positive result.

You aren’t being honest with us. You did something that got you banned.

What did I do wrong, tell me? I had a lot of time to think about what could affect my blocking … To hide something, there is no intention.

Usually to be banned for hacking means you did something to manipulate the game somehow. Bots to play battles for you is probably the most common example, or else bots designed to auto-collect all your tributes so you get more than should be humanly possible, or scripts designed to inflate your stats so high that the entire game becomes trivial, etc…

Really, as far as I’m aware in the ToS, any third party application is likely to catch you a ban, as the effects they can have on the gaming experience are unintended and not wanted for the sake of the game’s overall health (no one wants to compete against an opponent for whom the game is rigged, after all).

The only thing I did was play a split-screen game (2 games at the same time) on the phone … maybe it somehow affected, but I doubt … I did not do anything forbidden, no tribute collectors and the like used. I’m in a stupor … what the blocking of my account showed (I still don’t wash what I violated there), and is there a possibility of unblocking it? -That’s what I’m trying to find out. Maybe I don’t understand something … I have already read everything (rules, policies, what is prohibited)


2 different games, or 2 versions of Gems?

I know there were players on World of Warcraft who would play two characters at once…more actually, and one keystroke would control all of them. Hackers. Kill the main, and all the alts would die as well. They were trash, and I hates them forever. I don’t see how that would benefit Gems tho, as the boards would be different.

It is possible Gems picked up something like that, and banned you for it. If not, just play one game at a time. Idk, if you like the game that much, get yourself an Xbox and join the Horde, and continue to play the other game you like on your iPhone. Win/win, if they don’t let you resume your old account.

To train a main and an alt at the same time and strength? To think of such a wonder…such an ARMY on the march! :wink:

If it were possible, idk. The way my former friend the Troll on WoW described it, one key stroke would make both characters cast the same spell. He aspired to use only two accounts, but the fools that really exploited it would create 10 or more. It made it appear as though they were Keanu from the matrix, a blur moving thru time and space, hitting with the force of 10. Even an Orc could rarely survive the first blow…

WoW allowed it because all 10 or more needed a paid subscription.

But on Gems…Yes, after fighting thru this weeks event on a few alts, I can see a pattern to the battles. But if I were to fight two battles at the same time, I don’t think the boards would be the same. Moving one gem to the right wouldn’t be the best move on the 2nd board. It might not even make a match. Seems tricksy and false to me. Plus, I’d rather grind my alt one battle at a time.

And when that WoW Troll explained his plan to me, we parted ways not long after. I did not see the honor in his methods. He was also exposed to be an spy for the Alliance. Hence the Troll avatar…:axe::rage::shield:


2 different games, I had 1 account GoW.

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What game?

Does Game Genie count as a game?

Space arena, Mythwars(puzzle),Vega Conflict. Can’t understand the word Genie, the translator doesn’t translate.

Game Genie was @awryan being funny as it’s used to cheat in games.

Anyway, lets assume you really are a fine, upstanding member of the community and you haven’t cheated, used bots or hacked in any way. That leaves 2 options:

  • Someone else used your account (either with or without your consent)
  • You went to a third-party website to do something, even something as basic as checking your stats, and the game saw this as cheating.

If you really did nothing wrong, or have explanations for what they are specifically accusing you of (right now, all we know is you were banner and you have a cheating infraction, we still don’t know what explanations were given for those to appear on your account) then your best bet it to wait and keep asking them for updates in the support ticket that you created.

Now, if you just started Gems of War and don’t have much progress to lose, you could always create a new account and start over.

Sometimes my son uses my phone and my computer to play his toys, surf the Internet, but it’s stupid to blame him - he’s 7 years old. I asked him about my games, after the ban arrived, he does not understand what I am trying to find out.I’m still waiting for what the technical support will say, what was violated with me. As a blind kitten, I cannot understand the reasons for what was discovered or what scripts were found or even hacked, maybe I somehow managed to pick up something on the Internet … But I checked the phone and the computer, everything seemed to be clean. I have 1079 lvl, which I raised honestly playing with great pleasure, sat for 5-6 hours in the game every day … I’m 32 years old and used to achieve everything myself. I just want to know what influenced my ban, in order to find out from where my hands could grow, and if there is an opportunity to restore it.
Hope the translator translated clearly.

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