I Need Help On Nintendo Switch

Hello friends. This is my first post in this forum. After several attempts, I am unable to connect my Nintendo Switch Lite to my TV. Although, I am not an expert on this matter. Can anyone provide any suggestions, that, how to connect both of them? Any help will be appreciated.

Hard answer: No, you cannot. However, you can put a camera in front of it. This way, you can connect the camera to your TV. :rofl: Peace.

Oh you also need to buy extra joy-con…Just buy the standard switch.

Thanks for replying. Maybe you are right. But according to this article, we can do it. unfortunately, I am not an expert in this matter. Guys, can you tell me is this possible to do this with the help of the article?

Yes, that’s entirely possible. Note that this article says exactly the same as Wow has already explained to you.