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New Nintendo console version please!

With the news of the nintendo switch coming out, can we please get a gems of war for nintendo!

Edited the title to be clearer.

Thank you!

Nintendo needs to prove they can get people to buy it first.

The way things are going, they could be a software-only company in a few years.

Why are they not buying it? Nintendo has shown that its consoles although not as powerful as xbox or ps4, does not need to be. They have made amazing games for their consoles. Also their consoles have turned a profit higher than their competition. The wii made more than xbox 360, and playstation 3. The wii u started at a loss, however it has come back from that and is still selling more units than xbone and playstation. Also the nintendo store is available on every ds, and wii, and wii u. This would be another market they could access. (the devs could access.)

I think you’re mistaken. As of this last summer, the Wii U had sold like 12 million units. That’s almost 90 million less than the Wii and when the U was announced, Nintendo said they expected similar sales. That means they fell short of their sales goals by like 90%.

By comparison, the Xbox One has sold like 20 million units in half the time and the PS4 has sold over 40 million units. Shortly after the announce of the Switch, they said they would be scaling back production of the U dramatically. It’s all but dead.

I’m not sure how you can say they have amazing games either. Sure, they have some good 1st party titles but it’s all built around Mario and the same cast of characters. The very public exit of 3rd party publishers like EA was huge and got major headlines.

In terms of the gaming industry, the Wii U is one of the biggest failures in recent memory.


Dang htismaqe, you didn’t have to shatter his dreams like that. There’s still hope Killerman. I’m sure it’s just on the horizon.

I can tell you why I’m not buying it: because I’ve already got Nintendo games on Wii U and 3DS. It’s that simple. I have no need for a Switch. and that’s coming from a Nintendo fan.

Last I heard the devs are looking into adding GoW for Nintendo Switch.

I am definitely buying Nintendo Switch since I don’t own a 3DS nor a Wii U. They both just seemed like repeats of the DS and Wii. The Nintendo Switch on the other hand is a completely new system that will replace my need of having to go out and buy a tablet + is a up to date console.


For those who do not have any Nintendo consoles, the switch is exciting. I honestly haven’t played ANY Nintendo games ibspossibly years and I’m excited to say I am pre ordering the switch.