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I need a new guild

hey guys,

i am level 1103

on mobile platform, getting frustrated with the lack of activity and progress in my guild,

i always donate over 1 million gold
always top of my raid boss and invasion

just dont understand how a guild that is ranked 43 doesn’t complete the seals every week and struggles with tasks.

any top 20 guilds want me on the mobile IOS platform

Most top guilds would also be interested in your trophy output and GW scores.

Thanks for replying

Not amazing still learning about GW i get around 40k gw points

Trophies are around 500 per week maybe a little more

We have an opening - please check out our guild thread and discord server if you’re interested - details here:

We are looking for a new recruit and you can fit to our requirements :wink: .
More informations here:

Take a look at my guild: #110, GW bracket #8, Munchies Marauders recruiting MIN REQ 150k gold 800 seals

We are not in top 20, but having fun with players.