I miss the old intro music

I play the game with the sound turned off so any money saved on music and spent on other parts of the game are a win for me (and it’s all about me, now isn’t it? ;))


Actually the opposite is true. The old music was royalty-free and obtained rather cheaply (and, er, wasn’t unique to GoW)…

The new music was purpose-written and will have cost somewhat more…

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I guess the licence for commercial use would be much more expensive.

Even if it was royalty-free, @nimhain said that they were limited in how they could use it:

Regardless, the point is that this was a one-time expense for something they could own and use as they please. Perhaps they had a particular problem with the license, or maybe they had always planned on only using it temporarily and replacing it down the road.

This was indeed the case, and urban myth states that the use of the RF music was somewhat an extemporaneous solution due to unanticipated (and indeed unanticipatable) developments in development…

(my spell-check insists that ‘unanticipatable’ is not a word, but it seriously should be)

But its fine with extemporaneous. Wow so is mine. Oh it just means impromptu… a word that sounds even less plausible but for that we already use it.

I’m sorry what were we here for? Oh. I don’t have sound on either… save money = good?

So just as a side thought: any post calling for a dev to be fired, even a “ha ha but not really” one, is a reeeeeally quick way to ensure that devs roll their eyes and don’t bother reading the post.

Plus, it’s just rude - think about walking into someone’s workplace, when they don’t even know you, pointing to them and shouting “That person should be fired because I don’t like a thing they did! Ha ha just kidding, but seriously!”. Can you even imagine how much of a jerk you’d look like?


Haha be convivalated by my expunctilious vocabulary, you sendrillic catabostible, you. :slight_smile:


There’s music options in this game? :open_mouth:
Forgot about it after turning it off because of the annoying in game sounds. .

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Point taken.

Therrs music in game!!?!

I just realized something. This game has sounds, and have not heard them in months,

How menisquient of you!

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@Jainus @KrudlerTheHorse

While your constructions seem sufficiently cromulent to me, coining neologisms is disparate from actually possessing an extensive vocabulary.

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You evidently haven’t considered the Blackadder approach: C is for Contrafibularity | Blackadder The Third | BBC Comedy Greats - YouTube

I never turn off game music or sounds, to me it’s an integral part, and helps keep track of what’s happening… and I never get tired of that Hollywood voice-over bloke booming mana surge in my ear…

When the goblin dies, it reminds me of Beavis doing The Great Cornholio.

I play 90% of my games with music on too. But GoW has rather annoying in game sounds and I just play my own music while farming and pvping.

Do you happen to know where else it is used?

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Here’s the only example posted to the forums so far:


Well I have a little bit of a lead, but it’s not much. I recently noticed that some of the old soundtrack for this game was featured in a YouTube video by Channel Awesome entitled “Batman v Superman - Nostalgia Critic” at around the 1:53 mark. It looks like Channel Awesome and the game developers might have gotten their music from the same source. Maybe searching through the channel awesome community might prove useful, but things still look bleak.

Channel Awesome forums: http://channelawesome.com/forums/threads/music-from-video-batman-vs-superman-please.57553/