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New Guide Troop: Slitherling Slitherling will be available in the Journey Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. Please note the Pathfinder trait is a unique Trait, this means the Trait cannot be stacked with itself, and only one Troop with the Pathfinder trait will apply its…


PSA: For those who don’t have access to the Mythics Medusa or Salamandria, you’re in luck(sort of). Mambasira is in the Soulforge or you can try getting her with Event Keys after reset.


And newly added to the list - Takshaka!!!


Sorry to burst your bubble, but the only eligible troops for the upcoming Journey Event are Naga that take Brown Mana.


so no changes to this journey?..

As the sign in the Dev’s office reads (allegedly)
“It doesn’t need mending while guilds keep spending”.


I recommend that guilds try to get the 2 brown deed books and then say to hell with this.The gems that will be wasted for the shiny keys and tokens will not be worth the stress.

We will probably have to use mang or earth’s fury to scale our damage up against higher level enemies. It will be risky to put our hero up front, using setauri gladius for skulls with emerinazara to make sure that we don’t die, but I don’t see any other way we are going to get through this journey.


I hear it’s right below the one that reads:
“We couldn’t care less about this mess”.


This event sucks. Please get rid of it, or atleast provide troops that are actually useful.


Oh nooooooo we definitely can’t have a naga journey and allow them to use takshaka!!!

Methinks the brown only was intentional because takshaka would make it easy.

I got an idea devs. Your players HATE this mode. This isnt like guild wars where we are divided. Journey since you broke our only tool is universally reviled.

Get rid of it till you rework it


In my experience, this has been the worst Journey event so far. Let’s keep in mind that I’m presently Level 1,640 at the time of posting this and I have all the troops available for it.

In terms of weapons, I have most in the game. My level of progression in the game is far from where it could be, but I have dedicated a lot of time to leveling kingdoms with the primary barriers to progress being books and needing medals. Most of the pets I’m missing are cosmetic, part of the new PvP rotation, or from a faction I haven’t maxed out yet.

I’m providing all of this information to say that I’m already struggling and I haven’t even passed Level 350 yet. For a comparison, I normally start struggling to win battles around roughly Level 500-600 or higher.

Although past Journey events have also been difficult and stressful, this one is by far the worst and this is simply a subjective opinion.

I cannot imagine how players with less troops, weapons, and stats are faring.


I have 10 troops that fit this journey’s restriction, zero mythic. This event is far worse than I could have possibly imaged, worse than the blunt teams you had to build around a purple Wargare.

I’d say the developers should be ashamed to release an event in this state, but I’m convinced it’s intentional at this point. Absolutely everything needs an overhaul from the featured Journey troop, scoring, difficulty, restrictions. Or better yet, retire the event.

“I’ll take stinking dog :poop:for $500, Alex!” :rofl:


There is so much to do in the game now. GoW team - you could seriously drop Journey and not a single player would shed a tear. It would be nice actually. Replace it with a second world event or just drop it from the rotation.


The Dev Team really needs to start playing their own game. They would very quickly see how horribly tedious this event becomes after the first few dozen battles. They either need to re-balance the Pathfinder troops to be useful again or scrap this event completely.


How great it would be if the devs played the game regularly. They would easily spot the bugs and fix them asap.


I bought to T5 inc this week and have won all of my matches whilst choosing the highest mileages available. I deliberately did not play the Event Captain (Slitherling) although it was included in the team, as these days I see the EC as more of a liability than an asset :rofl:
12,081 miles travelled, lv 397.

When my guild reached stage 12 and got the books I advised to stand down as the rewards for 13-16 are not worth fighting for in my opinion.

I agree with @Elfin that this Guild would shed no collective tears if the Journey event got binned !


Literally THE only good thing about Journey is the ability to earn deed books, but otherwise it’s horrible even with slower enemy scaling and lower mile requirements. I would support scrapping Journey and change world event rewards to give writs/deeds/deed books in lieu of orbs.


I second the motion to remove the journey event IF world events give the same rewards. The devs clearly don’t know how to balance the event so that it’s actually fun and realistic to complete, so just remove the problem. We have to find creative and frustrating ways to scale our damage anyway and feel like we have to use only 3 troops.

I won’t be waiting for a response in 2030 when the game is already dead.:rofl:


I dont even know what you guys are moaning about, i didnt even find this event that bad, yeah the games get a little protracted but they did even before they nerfed the journey troops. You guys just want all the rewards without the work… … Lazzzzzy buggers