I’m A Snake

Oh, I put in the time to help my guild. It’s just boring. Always has been. Frankly given the book rewards available in PVP now, the time investment this event requires just isn’t worth it. Especially given how mind-numbing it is to cast the same troop a million times.


no, we want more than 11 troops viable for a full endgame player, that’s simple. 30 or 40 troops, to choose actually useful ones.


Was fighting Consort of Darkness deep into Journey today.

He had 650+ each on Armour and Life and a 172% chance to inflict lethal damage with his spell. Needless to say, I lost the battle. (A few people left our guild last week, so had to play deep into the event). Kinda hard to take him down before he casts a few times.

It really is an absurdly hard event. In high level Journey, you need troops that can do one of:

  • Loop consistently
  • Devour with reasonable chance of success
  • Do lethal damage
  • Do damage that scales with enemies (e.g. boosts off their stats)
    The current event’s paltry choice of 13 troops has none of these.

Just skip the Journey events. Why go through all that frustration?

After the Journey troop nerf, the Journey events are ridiculous. And before the nerf it was time consuming and boring.

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Without backing the developers into a corner with designing Journey events, there’s a fundamental problem where:

A) these (stupid) (ineffective) gem creating Journey troop feel mandatory to be buffed in gem count and then used to make it playable

B) … limits the players to a case where this week we have to make a 3 troop team with 11 total choices + some of the hero weapons. 1 slot wasted on an useless troop.

As easy as it is to make one of these stupid gem creators for every troop type before calling it a day, what really needs to happen is a back to basics design change that doesn’t limit the function of the event captain. Added benefit to the developer: you can make even more worthless troops than these gem creators if the game mode can function without them (i.e. Bounty).

That’s not to say I’m ungrateful for the reward tier scoring reduction (but let’s be real, the level adjustments did nothing), but that’s just the desired band-aid needed to buy time before fixing the actual mode, not the actual cure.


They aren’t trying to buy time, what you see is what you get. They are neither working on nor planning to fix the mode, they consider Journey to be working exactly as intended. If metrics show enough players quit over it, someone further up might eventually decide to lower the boss fight scaling by another level, which won’t make Journey an any less terrible experience.

I wish we had someone who would actually make our frustration visible to the powers in charge. Unfortunately, we only have radio silence and tumbleweeds, plus some canned response every couple of months that our feedback definitely gets forwarded, never to be heard of again.


Slightly tieing in to the topic of Journey,

I’m going to be honest. I’ve continued to play Gems since our guild was disbanded/suspended due to no GW. I was really hacked off about that, as that’s why I played.

I eventually decided not to quit, after a break, but at any time could quit, if people know what I mean. I recently moved house and my new pc is not setup yet, as so much other stuff to do,

I’ve used gems on iOS rather than start a new game, but for now that’s a day to day thing, staying or leaving.

What’s saved me from quitting is complete freedom.

I’ve done 2 weeks of Underspire in the time. I’ve also done two free runs. No stress. I’ve 30 major orbs of glory anyway.

I’ve not done journey or world events. I’ve picked up more from doing the vault with a lucky weekend off last time, than the useless rewards.

I’ve played events where there are gems for early rewards only, and I’ve done PvP last two weeks and gained gold marks.

I’ve avoided crap areas of PvP mainly, but the last two weeks got some gold marks - albeit I missed out on the 50s due to maybe not setting my watch to play…

And that’s it, I’ve always struck a balance of what not to do in this game, when I got to a certain point. Now with afk guild in hibernation, it actually works to not tie into everything. I know I’m only a new currency away from getting hacked off again but when that lands, or PvP resets, then I will decide then.

Now I’m not tearing what’s left of my hair out and in the meantime made 18,000 gems in the past however many weeks it is. If I ever want to spend gems again, I’m ok now to do it, rather than feeling the pain of parting with so many gems per week every week and playing useless game modes - looking at you Journey.


We missed the last rewards by less than 5000 points. But we’ve also been 1 player down all week. Now we’re down 2. So no need to play the next journey at all. Better save your time and gems. I’ll probably get the new troops and weapons in events, but just play other modes instead and let those sigils go to waste …