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I lost an hour of my life to a single GW match today (video included!)

(Warning: I do believe I cursed a couple times during this match. I was getting very frustrated.)

I was actually streaming to YouTube today during my GW matches and I’m glad I did. The video link should start on my 4th battle against their champion (about 13:30 in).

A few bullet points about this match for those not interested in watching.

  • Bandit summoned ~85% in this case. Not the stated 35% in game.
  • Rope Dart, Entangle, Healing, and Barrier is almost unbeatable
  • Queen Aurora was healing for over 200hp towards the end of the match. It gets +1 magic per ally cast. That’s how long this match was carrying on for.
  • Jar of Eyes seems to summon Watch Mother much more often than any other All Seeing Eye troop.

This is by far my longest match ever and I wanted to retreat because I was losing my mind due to boredom. I’m glad I didn’t, but I’m wondering if anyone else has had matches last this long?

I think I’m probably an outlier in this case, but if not maybe the devs could consider adding a time limit to GW matches? If time is up it ends in a draw or whoever has the most troops / did the most damage gets the win.

I don’t know, just spit balling ideas. I just don’t want to do this ever again.


Glad we could help :blush: We spent quite awhile coming up with defences so I am glad that our work wasn’t for nothing

I have had battles that long or longer but, if they add that time limit and it ends with the winner being the person with the most troops then someone can just sit there and kill one troop then wait for time to run out and win. Unless they do a turn limit based match

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“They’re all about that rope dart team”
Unfortunately you didn’t get to verse me, I don’t have rope dart haha. Although I could say “they’re all about the doomed blade/skadi team” to you guys :wink:
Sorry your match took so long, least you won though!

Yeah, most of the teams I faced were Rope Dart with Dire Wolf up front. Which is a solid defense in itself, but when you mix in QA it changes the game! Between the healing, barrier, and bandits it was a formidable battle.

I’m not mad at you guys at all. Well done as a matter of fact and welcome to Bracket 1!

I just don’t want to waste anymore time in the game than I have to these days (hence my frustration). :wink:

Hopefully people don’t copy it (LoL unlikely) but I definitely agree, I’ve been seeing a lot of bandits spawn recently… maybe 4.3 broke them again and they’re back up to 50%. Thanks for the welcome! It’s tough but we’re gonna do what we can.

I felt so bad when we could hear you do a huuuge sigh xD I was watching it with my husband… SugarTITforTAT :stuck_out_tongue:
Honestly amazing that you stuck it out though, I 1000% would’ve given up lmao

And people complained about (and succeeded in getting) an unneeded dragon eye nerf. No doubt the wails of protest about rope dart will follow soon after the completion of wars.

@Thevc That will probably be the last nerf I stick around for… I wasn’t happy with the Eye nerf ( or the buff that it got the first time they tried to nerf it ) and I can almost see the Rope Dart and maybe the Essence of Evil getting nerfed in the near future … There’s gotta be better ways to handle that sorta thing. I really hope you are wrong but I suspect you won’t be.

The eye was clearly a problem that had to be fixed. It filled most matches and could transform half your team, or more in a single move due to the Ai’s luck. Rope dart might also need a nerf, not because it’s being used effectively in this guild war, but because it has SO MUCH stuff going for it for such a low cost. Direct damage, team order disruption, entangle, armor destruction, and an extra turn all on just one spell? It’s quite a lot.

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I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Instead of nerfing troops and weapons to a worthless, useless state; they should BUFF the hundreds of troops and weapons that are useless in the current state of the game.

If the devs would buff instead of nerf it would open more options to players to mix up defenses and attack teams. The reason Deye and now Rope Dart get overused is because of the lack of options the devs give to late game players.


@Changer I don’t agree with you. I didn’t have much trouble beating Dragons Eye you just have to adjust how you play and abandon the idea that your team will get to do what it was intended to do . In other words people needed to play better. … but nah its easier to complain on a forum and demand a change.

@killscreen i agree with you 100% If something gets over used because it seems too strong … maybe rather than nerfing it go back and remove some of the previous nerfs put on other troops and see if that doesnt balance it out a bit … but thats not what happens … instead we just get a growing pool of useless troops to skip over when building teams .

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Yes, buffing the impotent troops to gain parity with their “overpowered brethren” is certainly a feasible option from a player perspective. However, there would be significantly more work needed to buff the many ineffective troops as opposed to the work involved in nerfing the fewer number of OPs. Plus, every time something changes these days, a new bug or 6 appears, such as today’s class event. Obviously the owners will take the less labour intensive and thus cheaper option, particularly when they have clearly lost control of their coding.

“Just get used to playing with four baby dragons. every match. every time. That’s totally what this game is all about, if you don’t enjoy playing with 4 baby dragons, something must be wrong with you!”

That’s not a viable solution and you know it, TJ. If there were a group of decent troops with a trait that made them immune to transform, or if blessed was easier to spread around to your team it’d be one thing, but with there being no actual counter to DE other than “Don’t give the AI any turns”, and DE self-looping the way it does, it was completely broken.

DE was beatable sure. But the problem was that beating it often took 10+ minutes because you would be chipping away at the enemy team with minimal skull damage and tiny fireballs while every turn or two any dragons you manage to transform into something better would get poofed right back into the baby dragon again. It wasn’t fun to deal with, and being unfun is worse than being overpowered, though it was both.


@Changer that wasn’t the experience I had . Usually if you transformed your baby dragon fast enough you were fine. I never had dragons eye fire on me so fast that my entire team were baby dragons. There were a lot of times where dragons eye took a troop that was almost dead and basically replaced it with a new troop at full health and armor which was cool. Sorry you were traumatized by that weapon .

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You would have to have reality bending levels of luck not to have ever seen DE double-cast. It happened practically every other match. DE would cast, transform a troop, clear out a large chunk of the board, get a 4/5 match from the falling blocks then cast again. Sometimes it could even do it three times in one turn. Especially if the DE hero was a titan and started the match up with a brown storm. To make things worse, DE almost always picks a non-baby-dragon when casting. If you have 3 baby dragons and 1 non-baby-dragon, there was still 75% odds it would target the non-baby-dragon.

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Yeah … by the time it got to cast the second time i had one of their troops dead (rock troll or whatever repeatedly made brown) . No reality warping about it. Look i’m not gonna sit here and argue with you on the internet … the weapon was nerfed and is basically useless now like 90% of the other weapons and troops in the game. So thats over and done … I would just rather not see the same happen to Rope Dart .

If you were able to reliably kill a troop in between DE casting the first time, getting a free turn due to 4/5 matches being made, then casting a second time, then you must be playing a completely different game from me. Usually I’m only able to cast spells on my own turn.

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@Changer nah not a different game… just played differently. When playing teams like that you have to adjust how you play and what you prioritize. Its fine if you don’t believe its possible to consistently beat a team that no longer exists. I’m not here to convince you . I’m just saying I didn’t have the troubles you did apparently :joy:. I’m not really interested in whether you believe me or not .

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Don’t take it to heart TJT; changer will never see anyone’s point of view but his own and loves to drag a thread into drama land. In my opinion, many players don’t build their own teams so borrow the best decks from teammates within the guild. They expect one line up to triumph in all 5 daily wars battles, taking little notice of the opposing defence and making appropriate adjustments. They then throw a tantrum and hit the ‘I demand a nerf’ button. Its hilarious; next time I play gears of war I am gonna complain to the coalition if the enemy dares to move when I am trying to shoot it. Surely that’s unsporting play :rofl:


Just counted, it was only 4 out 5 opportunities. This will occur almost 5% of the time (it it is indeed 35%). Just bad luck.