I have a new idea, a new system of craft crystals

Red crystal- +% attack bonus
Green crystal- +% life bonus
Brown crystal- +% armor bonus
Purple crystal- +% magic bonus
Celestial crystal- +% exp bonus
Blue crystal- +% souls bonus
Yellow crystal- +% gold bonus

Kingdom Apocalypse- Opponents only high( epic,legendary,mythic)

craft minimum:
Epic- one socket
Legendary-two socket
Mythic- three socket

Crystal improvement of 5 steps= troop update
Common crystal - 5% bonus
Rare crystal- 7% bonus
Ultra-rare crystal- 10% bonus
Epic crystal- 15% bonus
Legendary crystal- 20% bonus
Mythic crystal - 25% bonus

Improving the Crystal for the souls
Applies to all copies
Removing Crystals- quantity souls (Depends on the quality of the crystal)
Only one copy of the crystal can be placed in the troop socket

the idea is interesting but somehow - when i imagine all the troops would have to be equipped with appropriate cristals and i would have a whole collection of crystals - somehow i dont like it

makes all mythic units suddenly completely weak at lv20 xD (if not with the crystals that is)

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I think this interesting idea worth exploring. Crystal spots like can be upgrade slots for certain troops. Collectible and extra stat boost to work towards.

  1. What @Annaerith said, too much hassle.
  2. When combined with the Event bonus, this is going to break the game on certain bad (or awesome?) combo.

Interesting idea, but would probably require huge amount of grind in the way you represent.

But it would also require a lot of number tweaking.

Not excited by this idea. Would rather have more troops, more features, more game modes - not just more collecting to get bigger numbers on the same few usable troops…


I like the idea but implementation and the fact that combining with event bonus really would shatter gameplay.

Maybe instead of stat bonuses they can do different things like % of extra turn on certain color match 3, 4, or 5?

i wouldnt mind if the crystals edited gameplay not the stats,
somrthing like adding extra effect to the gem behaviour on the board, adding or editing the spell effect, adding or editing the traits and so on
and make it the way its different for certain types of troops spells or traits, so that the same crystal wont give one exact same effect to allpossibe troops

but that would be so much work for devcelopers …