I’d like to say thank you to the devs and I hope the rest of you do too!


Yeah, I’ll get there one day. I just finished traiting all my classes and troops (except Imps) a few weeks ago and am starting to build up some inventory, but the mythic I pulled just happens to need the same stones as the May mythic (which I’d already farmed for), so being able to use two Orbs as wildcards was perfect for me.


What mythic did you pull @Stan and how many left to go until you have them all? I’m missing 2. Zuul and xanthos.


I pulled Yasmine’s Chosen, leaving 8 to go, including Zuul and Xathenos. I also pulled my 4th Plague last week, which I think is part of my problem. I’ve got 3 Abynissia’s, 2 Skadi’s, 2 Vorphs and another one or two with dupiicates. If my random pulls were a little spread out, I’d be further ahead.


Great pull tho, a very powerful troop, and it’s boring having them all, I miss opening chests.

Too bad they didn’t have a better way of trading in mythic troops, its such a waste to disenchant.


Lol just keep them no need to disenchant


But for players like @Stan who still need a few and have 4 copies of others, it would be nice to get diamonds or something a little more for such a rare card, having 4 or more of any mythic is useless.


Yup i agree they could stop to drop when you got 4 copy of them (similar as guardian)


I think it would be cool if we could also convert our traitstones into shards, so we can craft some diamonds.

There has to be a way to clear out all these stock piles we are sitting on.


…me? :smirk:

You’re welcome guys. It’s really great to hear that you are appreciative of these things, and I’m glad you are and that we are making you happy/content! We’ll continue to listen and look out for other things we can improve whilst we work on other exciting things for you. :blush:


Nope, that wasn’t it… :wink:


Thank you for buffing the gnome event and I’m looking forward to this weekend.

Also a big thank you for the pets. They brought some much needed fun.

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next.


Bump, the nerf cries are more then ever again.

I would like to say thanks for making Divines so awesome that everyone wants them shut down instantly.

I always thought ppl wanted a easy button and auto wins. Why do we even need to play? Can’t we just set our attack like defense and win a million fights a week and get it all handed to us?

Come on already. We know more troops are coming weekly so just hold tight. If not I’m sure bejeweled is still around.

I hope more kick ass troops come out that even the playing field and keep buffing the old troops too. We have a lot of potential here so let’s not spoil it please.



I only just noticed that ALL mythics are divine/xxx… level 1040ish here. But only have 3 base mythic cards.
I do feel that it’s a bit out of line for a legendary to so vastly boost such a large pool of mostly awesome cards.
To say nothing of any other divine available.

Now saying all that, I PvP a fair amount and really don’t see the problem arise that much… so meh.
I would say change it so divine is more lore based/backed than just standard for mythic cards


Lol not nice to compare bejeweled with GOW


Im pretty sure bejeweled has a easy button :wink:


Not all, but a large proportion (13 out of 29 mythics are divine). By comparison, the next most common is Daemons with 8, then Knights with 3. Many troop-types have only one, but even Dragons have only 2.

I get why it makes sense that a large proportion of Mythic troops would fall into these two categories, but this comment is on point:

Like you, I don’t really feel like it is ruining the game or anything. I’m not afraid to face these divine teams in PVP, but I know that if they have Mercy, there is a small chance that I might get a board that I can’t manage, leading to a certain loss. Many other teams can do the same thing to me from a bad starting board (Psion/Famine, ForestTroll/Nyx/Mab, Goblins, etc.), so I’m not on the nerf train, but I do think there is a balance issue here.

Edit: I see that I’m on the verge of derailing this thread. Sorry about that.


The idea behind all these new troops is great, but divines are just dominating PvP at the moment. I don’t think any other type of troop has better synergy. And yes, new troops will be released and the meta will shift eventually, but I’m just waiting for the day when we can all just put together our own teams, where other mythics could be just as useful as ‘the best ones’.
I sometimes think about which troops would work together, and would be fun to play, but basically everything becomes useless in top tier PvP because of a handful of teams.
So I’m basically forced to use a meta team so I could win on a regular basis.
I don’t think there is any ‘strategy’ left in this game.
This will change for the better after they nerf exploders, I hope.
I’m not really crying for a nerf, I just wish there would be some balance.
We have +500 troops and about 470-480 of those will be put on the shelf after they are fully levelled and ascended.


Thank you to the devs for the upcoming less guild wars. For me, more variation is a good thing :+1: