I can't visit Troops in the game! :(

OH NO!!!

Same here gives an error all the time

Same issue. Bought 3 winter imps from the shop first before I tried to go to the Troop List.

Seems to be happening to everyone

This is happening to me as well. i got 3 winter imps and the event weapon. Also when trying to get into PVP.

We’ve just started seeing that too… looks like something happened to the server (not related to the new week’s event, since that ticked over just fine).
We’re currently investigating what’s going on.

@Sirrian Thanks for fast reply!

I blame the Gremlins. Was only a matter of time until they got envious of the imps’ status in this game.

Okay - our server provider is OBVIOUSLY experiencing some difficulty.
It took me 2 minutes to log into the server and check everything out (normally takes a few seconds)

At 3:05pm GMT the servers stopped responding.
There doesn’t seem to be any reason for it, we never exceeded bandwidth or anything like that.
I am currently putting a query in with our provider to find out some more about what’s going on. I will keep you guys updated as I learn more

It can ONLY be Melkathi, trying to buy as many as possible of the new Imp. This gives an entirely new meaning to the concept of Denial of Service. :stuck_out_tongue:

And perhaps the service provider misread the title of the new event: Let it Slow!

@Sirrian I can play now. Thanks for fixing! :smiley:

Confirmed on iPad Air.

Okay - the problem seems to have been fixed.
I wish I could take credit for fixing it, but it seems to have been on our server provider’s end!