I can't play the game without getting a headache now


The new backgrounds and color scheme of the board blend everything together in dark colors. I’ve played about 5 matches and I had to turn it off. My eyes hurt because everything blends together. I like the new ui except for the game boards. I don’t know if I can do this.


I am not a doctor, but if it is making you physically ill, most definitely take a break.

I suspect things will be made right again, but it’ll take a whole new patch for that, and especially now that everyone is behind the long pole of Console, we’re likely stuck with what we’ve got for a month at least. In the meantime, don’t hurt yourself playing a video game.


Same exact issue here. Eyestrain is really bad.
Some of it is causes by the new high contrast art work in the GUI.
Other issues are a lack of contrast forgot thickness in the game play portion.


Experiencing eyestrain also. Hope they can figure it out soon. I play this game to relax. The stats on the cards in battle are really hard to see and that makes strategy harder to accomplish.


Add me to the list :face_with_head_bandage:


i loose my concentration
on the new board :frowning:


Agree. My favorite game suddenly became a game I don’t want to play. First I thought I would get used to it, but I can’t. It’s not like I’m not open to change. But this new look just ruined the game for me.


This is why I like this update. I used to play 10h / day, now I can only play about 2h / day since my eyes hurt. Thanks devs for giving me 8h / day of my life back!


This is exactly what I thought. I was playing way too much and now I have a very good reason to stop.


Well I cannot play more than a few minutes, so unless they change this back i will have to quit sadly.


You heard Lyya… Everyone seek medical advice before playing this game!


I think the devs need it @sinirli so their heads are checked for thinking this UI was a great thing to implement.


Same here, making me physically sick to my stomach.


Glad you put this thread up. I thought I’d be the only one having these issues. Very harsh on my eyes.

I’ll have to see if I can adjust the colors on my cell phone to calm them down a bit. Perhaps turning on the orange shift evening mode will help, but I haven’t explored it yet.


I normally don’t need glasses for everyday use, but sheesh, after a full round of guild wars my eyes are going blurry, I’m starting to get a headache, and I’m about ready to give it away.

As fun as GoW has been nothing is worth these kinds of ill effects.


hope the old UI is back at sunday so I can do all the stuff.


bad bad bad UI on board, pls fix them!


I spended money to get vip lvl6 I think… so feels bad to quit, but atleast I have time for other things if they wont fix this.


cant i delete my posts?


There’s so many people starting new threads saying the same thing. Mainly about the crappy new ui. Is there any chance of a forum tidy up, or is it best to let the devs see the shitstorm when they get a chance?