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I am tired of being Maw'ed

But you won?

Last night my level 158 phone alt was matched with a seemingly-harmless level 114, who turned out to be fielding Gorgotha + Plague x3, all max level and fully traited. That third Plague trait is just evil, and three of them firing each turn… but there is one thing I will say about my gal, she has no fear. She dived in, whup, whap, boff… and while they got her tank, she had enough in the backups to win the match. None of the Plagues ever cast their spell. A lucky win, to be sure, but definitely good for the ego.

Now the point is, why does this nonsensical matchmaking still go on? As was alluded to in another thread, I am beginning to suspect the “Rival” mechanic is at fault. I think my main hero is getting paired up with a disproportionate # of Maw teams because I keep facing the same small set of people over and over, because they’re “rivals”. I beat them, they beat me, I beat them again… and the next thing you know I stop getting to play anyone else.

I would really like to hear the devs weigh in publicly about what is actually intended with this.


I think the real issue is that if you want a defensive win rate greater then 1 V to 5 D you need to field either the maw or Mab

Like the Silent One and Sheggra a little over a year ago or the 2x turn goblin shamans, these things come and the game gets jacked for a bit but the devs eventually play whack a troop and then people grumble about the nerf to their offensive team and we collectively move on to the next broken combo or troop. It’s the circle of life in this game and between the metas.


Meta too strong replace with better meta. Meta not good enough search for stronger meta. -read this in caveman voice to get the joke.


Maw punishes players for leaving skulls on the board for AI, which is such a cheap tactic, so he’s actually healthy for the game. :innocent:

Hmm… sometimes you gotta leave a skull match to them, simply cause matching them would result in a match4 or match5 for the ai.


Don’t read this post if you’re easily offended!

I am Maw’ed of being tired. … Warned ya! :))


The only trouble with this is that it could potentially make Maw more annoying. If the team is full of attack buffs, a Maw with 40 attack is now very likely to Devour with one or two attacks. By snowball effect, his sequential attacks will just wipe your team; only this time not with a 15% chance, with nearly a guarantee.

I’ve said it before… I don’t skip any teams anymore. I haven’t since my first week of play. I opt for the 3rd (hardest) choice every time. RNG is a part of this game. Understanding the meta (AI propensities; i.e. skull, lead color/match 4+ priority, etc.) is another. That being said, you can do everything right and still lose. That is the nature of the beast. But why would you want an opponent that loses in every instance because they are too weak to compete against your team?

Maybe it’s just me, but the fun for me is having an enemy that has all the bells and whistiles and still beating that team because I have composed a versatile set-up that can destroy others’ defenses; not a squirrel team that I can steamroll over and over again.

Admittedly, I would like to see a bit more variety in defend teams, but that’s not to say that I don’t see some already. MAYBE 20% of the teams I face are Mabs, Goblins or Maws, although it is understandable as those have the highest win-rate and win-rate is part of the current PvP ladder structure. Aside from those, I do see a good amount of unique teams; some with even greater synergy than the “OP” builds (as defend teams).

I think that’s fine. As a trade-off, you could mitigate against the third trait by healing or Barrier. It eliminates random chance in favor of something deterministic. Bad drops might still cause you pain, but that’s true of, well, every other troop.

In my opinion, Devour is much too strong of an effect to leave to a perecentage chance. As others have mentioned before, it either is a low chance and fails to satisfy the attacker, or it is a high chance and completely destroys the defender.

Then again, it might make Maw too strong in the hands of a player. Sigh.

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You can’t go swimming and not get wet… Sigh, indeed.

well you could but it would not be called swimming per say

Yeah, so far the only alternatives I see are either reworking Devour or reworking the third trait. I feel like the devs painted themselves into a corner with this one.

You can’t eat your cake and keep it whole.


Yes, well from what I’ve heard (though I have not checked myself)…

Spoiler! :

People have peered into the files and discovered an ‘Immunity to Devour’ trait. Nevertheless, not sure if this is a cure-all, but suppose it could work.

If by “people” you mean me… :slight_smile:

It depends on what troop it’s attached to. If the troop is tanky enough then yes, it might very well be a counter.

Ah, okay. Wasn’t sure of who had and hadn’t snooped, so I didn’t wanna inadvertently ruin anyone’s experience. :stuck_out_tongue: I heard it through the grapevine, so wasn’t sure of its validity. But, yes, I suppose it would be a bit contingent on which troops get it. However, if it is covered under the ‘Impervious’ umbrella, Golem might be one hell of a tank.

Good timing – it is. :slight_smile: See this thread:

Well, then… Golem too OP! Needs nerf! grabs pitchfork

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Next time, I’ll be more careful what I wish for.