I am so tired of this horrible bugfest

Yep, just again spent several hours hours trying in vain to get my guild wars defenses to stick. Groundshog day all over, no matter you do, you end up back at square one. And the clock keeps ticking down towards guild bracket demotion…

For all those players in a similar situation, I’ve recently realized that InfinityPlusTwo rhymes with several words I find increasingly appropriate to associate with the game. Try shouting them out loud, it helps to pass the time while waiting for the hot fix that isn’t coming. And who knows, cursing might actually help, it’s not like anything else does.

The guild wars defense teams reverting has seriously tested my patience and sanity today. It was a serious waste of my time.

This post I made is what I have done both weeks now. It’s a bit of a weird process, but it’s kept both my GW defenses and PvP defense from changing.

Renaming a Team before selecting it for a particular day also works. (all from the guild wars defense screen)

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Thanks, this seems to have done the trick for this week.

While we do have a fix coming in the next update, we’ve posted some steps that should help with saving the teams till then:

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