Hurt Feelings

It’s only when I’ve had a few rums mate. You know venting a little. I can’t see myself prancing around in a little fairy dress when I get mad so I’m not sure how you expect me to complain. I’ll admit it’s not nice but It’s also just words. I don’t know who’s on the other end and pretty sure they don’t care who’s on the other end too.

Amazingly, it’s possible to complain or ask questions without abusing others and without changing into a dress. Probably where you’ve been going wrong, sounds time-consuming.

And they cared enough to ban you from contacting them again, so…


I do because I probably interacted with every dev in GoW through the forums and support tickets and I know none of them deserve any abuse. Every time I have put in a ticket to support I have been friendly and civil and I have always had my problems solved quickly. The GoW devs are some of the nicest devs around even when receiving abuse.

If you are going to abuse people for no reason that are just doing their job then you don’t deserve any help.

You can complain and still be civil you don’t need to abuse anyone. Support tickets aren’t even meant for complaints they are to get help with the game. The forums are where you are meant to complain, make suggestions, ask questions and just chat about the game.


This is so funny. Big Les. Poof in Boots. prancing around in a little fairy dress. Banning. Conspiracy. Paranoia. Victimhood. Wow.

The hidden comedy is hilarious. I originally thought you were going to discuss Lesbians! My misinterpretation. Oops. Thank you BigLes for brightening up a few minutes of my day.

It’s not clear what chests you have tried but I have to say that 10’s of thousands of Gold chests will not get you any Mythics.

More serious comment:

The Devs are extremely unlikely to have set up a C*nt Button to mess up our Mythics. For three main reasons:

They are professionals.

You (we) are not important or priority enough for them to divert time and resources to implement it. Where’s the profit?

If they did create such a ‘button’ how many bugs do you think it will have?

Being inebriated is not an excuse for being a jerk. In fact, abusive behavior done while drunk is actually an argument against getting inebriated.

You’re (presumably) an adult, so act like one.

It is not hard to treat people with respect.


About your guild leader:

So, you got banned from customer support after repeated abuse (sounds like you deserved that), but you seem to think that some dev has made it a life goal to mess with you by ensuring that you (and only you) don’t get a mythic drop?

And you think that your own guild leader is laughing behind your back?

Do you see a pattern there? I suspect that what happens to you is less of a priority to everyone else than you think. The devs aren’t plotting against you in their fake volcano lair. They haven’t made it their number one priority to be your nemesis. I’m guessing your guild leader doesn’t have particularly strong feelings about your lack of luck in drawing a mythic, beyond maybe “gee, that’s too bad.”

If you are an object of other’s ridicule, it’s probably only due to the way that you’ve been behaving.

And, devs, if I’m wrong, and you have been devoting many hours of your time just messing with BigLes, would you mind applying all of that effort instead to implementing quality of life enhancements for the game? I think he’s suffered enough. Please and thank you.


I have thought about not playing after midnight my after my sacrifice to the drinking gods. But it’s either that or the woo casino pokies. But I’m banned from their customer support too. After your damaging psychological report of me I have decide to become a monk. I shall meditate and connect with you personally to thank you.

I bet you they are having a good laugh at my expense now. Which is also funny.
But enough of the games I want my mythic bosses.
I have decided maybe I am sitting in to lower level guild to move any further quickly. And this answer I came up by myself which is why I came here to gain enlightenment.
Thank you for your comments.

Good lord, no wonder you’ve been banned. Just what you’ve posted here is enough to get you a forum ban. Do you really have no thought or consideration for anyone but yourself?


Good lord that’s the last thing I want. I am very loyal to my guild and always offering assistance. Always the first bloke to help out in reality. I certainly didn’t realise a dummy spit here and there would be so emotional for you. I humbly apologise and ask for your kind words to guide me out of this mess.

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I just want to jump in and clarify a few things.

Our support team cannot alter drop rates. As mentioned earlier, support and programming are two different parts of our team that use different skill sets and serve different functions.

On top of this, we would never alter someone’s drop rate to teach them a lesson or sabotage them. To do so would be unethical, unfair, and not worth our time. Why would we want to upset players more? At the end of the day it would cause further unecessary discord and affect our bottom line/profits.

If we are excessively insutled and abused (typically over a few tickets, we like to give people a chance to reform) we will ban said abuser from our support. We are people like everyone else, and if you abuse us several times you will earn yourself a ban. If you wouldn’t say something to your child, partner, or boss, don’t say it to us. And if your argument is that your child, partner or boss would take it as a joke, then I have doubts, and would like to say that your behaviour still violates our community guidelines and will result in a ban.

That’s my official statement, but as a side note… I don’t understand why people mock others that have feelings. There is nothing wrong with having feelings, and if someone treats us poorly there is no shame in being affected by it. One message here and there can be shrugged off, but it’s worth remembering that our support agents (and your communications human, me) get a lot more than one or two abusive messages here and there. Over time all the negative sentiment, threats and abuse adds up, and can impact the receiver’s mental health. There is no shame in this, and it’s important to realise how your actions and words impact others.


For the record…
1-2 years later I still feel victimized by Sirrian.
For taking the “gem sliders away”.
It was like giving me my favorite toy ever and taking it away a week later.
Those feels will continue to hurt until he brings them back.

For those that don’t know. Gem sliders allowed players to customize their PvP defenses so that they prioritize getting certain Mana over others.

It was removed because it was making the AI either super easy or super hard. So I think Sirrian thought it broke the game in a way. Therefore he had his reasons and it wasn’t done to just hurt me.
Yet what good is truth and perspective when all a person clearly wants is attention?

Well, except for me… You can have the attention…I’ll take the gem sliders instead. :grinning:

OMG. You think I am on your side in this.

It’s such a great pity that you have no idea of the damage you cause blundering your way through life.

Manners exist for a reason.

Reading quickly through your posts I thought YOU were the lesbian. (No disrespect to lesbians intended). You call yourself BigLes. That either means you are a big lesbian or a big guy named Les.

The comments about Poofs and Dresses triggered that mental image of you. That was funny so spent a few minutes laughing at you.

Reading further I realized you were just a type of person who lacks empathy and provokes issues and then cries victim. Totally not understanding the pain they have caused.

Not sure how you can get +10 k
Guild keys each week.

I’m sorry we haven’t talked earlier. I have always thought I’ve addressed a computer. Well until the last interaction on customer support. I do have empathy unfortunately not in computer games. I certainly don’t know anyone personally and don’t wish any persons any harm. I may tend to overthink and become irrational but I don’t have much to guide me here.
I had initially calmed down but now I find someone can get 5 mythics in one day while I wait five months for nothing still.
However I’m actually sincerely sorry for my actions and commend your reply to me. I will take that on board and try to handle things a bit differently.


I was crying victim and Then resorted to anger you muppet. Learn the difference. I have abused the wrong people for sure. Was I wrong yes. Will I do it to them again knowing they are sincere no.
But I can help you if you want.

You tube Big Lez brown town song.
Your welcome

Your response to Salty was heartening, but I think all people are probably the wrong people to abuse, tbh, including non-sincere people – just my two cents. Sorry if I’ve misinterpreted through nit-picking.

I’m jumping in and I don’t know why other than to say, come on man - chill your boots! It seems like you’re battling some demons and I know how it can be when the liquor takes hold but you’re hitting out in all the wrong directions and it’s not pretty. If you read back what you’ve written, you’ve got to see that it’s a whole lot of self-sabotage and you don’t need it. I can’t say what you did doesn’t deserve you to get blocked and I have to see that the devs and customer service are entitled to protect themselves from the battering you gave them. I’m not going to pile on with the whole ‘victim’ thing - that’s your journey but know that what you put out in the world eventually comes back. If in doubt, take a break and think before you post - you’re better than you’re allowing yourself to be

Just tying to stay in the game mate after a long haul. I’m losing interest real quick and just feel that it will be a shame. No loss to them too.

Cheers for your message. Everyone around here is on some sort of happy herb. Where I come from all this nice talk would scare the shit out of us. My parents don’t even converse to me so politely. Well my mum does to some point. We work in the heat most of the year here and temper is a culture. We greet close friends with insults and people we don’t care for with short hellos. We aren’t even racist like everyone says we are, we hate everyone equally. I’d like to say to everyone to harden up a bit but I see I might need to cool it down. I’ve had my question answered I believe, and thank everyone for their input.