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Hurt Feelings

I’m curious if customer support can manipulate your game after having hurt feelings. A couple of angry messages poof in boots obviously got hurt and decided to ban me from customer support.
Much Regards

Programmers or developers can basically do whatever they want to do to the game mechanics. Some could be done solely to your account. Most would have to be done to the whole game.
Some would require only server patches while others require client approved patches.

None can be done without written justification and possibly approval from their supervisors.

So if all you did was hurt their feels. Then I highly doubt they’d make any changes to your account.
Because though stick and stones may break my bones…words will never break me… But losing paychecks definitely can/will.

Meaning it’s not likely any of them would jeapordize their jobs due to personal insults.

However, I wouldn’t put it past them to make it more difficult for certain guilds to get mythic LT and justify it by saying “they were breaking the economy.”

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Do you have more details, without sharing any support responses or PMs (which isn’t allowed)? I didn’t really understand what you were saying or suggesting.

I’ve messaged customer support atleast 4 times. All obviously in frustration on several subjects. Eg our guild level 200 has to battle level 1400 in the guild wars and stuff like that. I have always been Insulting I admit.
The last one they messaged me banning me from customer support for abuse which I understand in the heat of the moment but I believe I have also been punished. I cant get a mythic for the life of me while all the other guild members get them on a regular basis. I’m talking over a good 5 months. Long time to wait. I’m talking 10 of thousands of chest.

Mate I was hoping they would just laugh at my rants. But seriously mate somethings up. I mean I don’t spend lots of money on it and I try $2.99 vault keys here and there offering some sort of donation. But who the hell in their right mind can justify $79 here and there for what I believe are shit rewards.

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Being a QA in Tech Support (not GoW though) I really understand them. If you repeatedly abusing the customer support and cannot act like a human being - the easiest way to operate with your account is to disallow access to the support. I wish we could do that in the company.

Whenever it comes to emotions there will be no place to the actual constructive discussion, thus you should revise your behavior - all people are different and something that you find laughable might be abusive for the others.

As for being punished with not receiving the mythics and stuff - thats how the game works , some people are playing more than a yer with only a couple of mythic troops - are they punished too? I guess not.

So generally I totally agree with their decision and someone has to do some work on their attitude :wink:


Quite frankly, if you’re going to be abusive and insulting, it serves you right!


@BigLes thanks for clarifying – I think I understand now. You’re wondering if it’s possible for someone from customer support to change something on your account to make it harder/impossible for you to get a Mythic, as payback for being rude to them, correct?

I think it’s probably not even possible to alter Chest drop chances for a single account – those are run by the servers, not the clients, from what I understand, so it would have to affect everyone. Preventing you from continuing to contact Support is probably all that’s happened.

It’s also not really like them, from my experiences of the past few years, aside from what was mentioned above about it not being worth risking their jobs doing what would be incredibly unprofessional.

On a different note, there have been other people come to the forums with similar responses to yours in terms of being frustrated with drop chances – and also being mismatched in GW, which I’m very sorry to hear about (something I’m passionate about!).

It sounds like you might possibly be in a somewhat inactive Guild that doesn’t complete too many Tasks, but happens to be high up on the GW ladder from having been formed a long time ago and not having dropped down enough based on more recent performances.

Obviously, insults and abuse aren’t the right way to express this, but I also think there’s a serious gap in the player experience around what I described, where some players fall between the cracks, and that the game could do a lot more to help improve that experience for those people – of which you could be one.

From another thread, for those interested:

Can I ask about your Guild? How many Tasks does it complete each week, how many active players are there, and which Guild War Bracket are you in, if you know?

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Thank you Susan. Very helpful. Almost as helpful as the customer support. Cheers

First, stop abusing people who are just doing their jobs. Good on them for banning you from contacting them - you’re lucky you weren’t banned from the game.

Second, the people who do customer contact won’t have access to any sort of code - that’s two entirely different jobs. You’re just having a run of bad luck, possibly combined with fallible human memory/confirmation bias.


Yeh cheers Jonathon
The guild I was in was at 30. And I started with them a good year ago. I was actually just starting and like level 50. The guild leader would of been maybe level 500. Everything was fine but I played a hell of a lot. Actually I am the highest level in the guild at level 1120. They are quite relaxed and actually that’s what’s pissed me off and I’m asking questions. The guild leader actually got 5 mythic Monday from guild chests . We managed to get 40k seals all using our orb of clans saved up. I can’t get one and I’m majority of the time the event leader. Paragon and trophy score. He’s laughing his head off behind the curtains I’m sure. Anyway we only have 14 members now as most higher level players rather the bigger guilds. Maybe I should leave them

It’s only when I’ve had a few rums mate. You know venting a little. I can’t see myself prancing around in a little fairy dress when I get mad so I’m not sure how you expect me to complain. I’ll admit it’s not nice but It’s also just words. I don’t know who’s on the other end and pretty sure they don’t care who’s on the other end too.

Amazingly, it’s possible to complain or ask questions without abusing others and without changing into a dress. Probably where you’ve been going wrong, sounds time-consuming.

And they cared enough to ban you from contacting them again, so…


I do because I probably interacted with every dev in GoW through the forums and support tickets and I know none of them deserve any abuse. Every time I have put in a ticket to support I have been friendly and civil and I have always had my problems solved quickly. The GoW devs are some of the nicest devs around even when receiving abuse.

If you are going to abuse people for no reason that are just doing their job then you don’t deserve any help.

You can complain and still be civil you don’t need to abuse anyone. Support tickets aren’t even meant for complaints they are to get help with the game. The forums are where you are meant to complain, make suggestions, ask questions and just chat about the game.


This is so funny. Big Les. Poof in Boots. prancing around in a little fairy dress. Banning. Conspiracy. Paranoia. Victimhood. Wow.

The hidden comedy is hilarious. I originally thought you were going to discuss Lesbians! My misinterpretation. Oops. Thank you BigLes for brightening up a few minutes of my day.

It’s not clear what chests you have tried but I have to say that 10’s of thousands of Gold chests will not get you any Mythics.

More serious comment:

The Devs are extremely unlikely to have set up a C*nt Button to mess up our Mythics. For three main reasons:

They are professionals.

You (we) are not important or priority enough for them to divert time and resources to implement it. Where’s the profit?

If they did create such a ‘button’ how many bugs do you think it will have?

Being inebriated is not an excuse for being a jerk. In fact, abusive behavior done while drunk is actually an argument against getting inebriated.

You’re (presumably) an adult, so act like one.

It is not hard to treat people with respect.


About your guild leader:

So, you got banned from customer support after repeated abuse (sounds like you deserved that), but you seem to think that some dev has made it a life goal to mess with you by ensuring that you (and only you) don’t get a mythic drop?

And you think that your own guild leader is laughing behind your back?

Do you see a pattern there? I suspect that what happens to you is less of a priority to everyone else than you think. The devs aren’t plotting against you in their fake volcano lair. They haven’t made it their number one priority to be your nemesis. I’m guessing your guild leader doesn’t have particularly strong feelings about your lack of luck in drawing a mythic, beyond maybe “gee, that’s too bad.”

If you are an object of other’s ridicule, it’s probably only due to the way that you’ve been behaving.

And, devs, if I’m wrong, and you have been devoting many hours of your time just messing with BigLes, would you mind applying all of that effort instead to implementing quality of life enhancements for the game? I think he’s suffered enough. Please and thank you.


I have thought about not playing after midnight my after my sacrifice to the drinking gods. But it’s either that or the woo casino pokies. But I’m banned from their customer support too. After your damaging psychological report of me I have decide to become a monk. I shall meditate and connect with you personally to thank you.

I bet you they are having a good laugh at my expense now. Which is also funny.
But enough of the games I want my mythic bosses.
I have decided maybe I am sitting in to lower level guild to move any further quickly. And this answer I came up by myself which is why I came here to gain enlightenment.
Thank you for your comments.

Good lord, no wonder you’ve been banned. Just what you’ve posted here is enough to get you a forum ban. Do you really have no thought or consideration for anyone but yourself?