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How to hold a guild hostage

Step 1. Be a guildmaster who decides not to play anymore.
Step 2. Login every 4 weeks to see if they fixed the guild while you were gone.
Step 3. Laugh at your poor guild members who send in support tickets because even though it says you’ve been inactive for X days, it will show that you’ve logged in and that guild has to wait until you’ve been inactive for 30 days to give control to someone else.
Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 as long as you want to prolong the suffering.

I hope no one follows these instructions intentionally, but I want it to be clear to people the damage they can do even unintentionally when they leave their guild sinking.

If you are a guildmaster and are planning to leave the game, please have mercy and transfer leadership before you go.

I’m friends with a guild currently hanging out hope they can revive their guild, but they don’t control their own guild. It’s too bad there’s not a way to vote in new leadership with like 75% of members or something.


I would just find another guild…lots of people are recruiting every week.


Sure, but for people who’ve invested a year of their time leveling up guild statues, there can be a lot of attachment to their guild. I admire my friends for trying to stick out. I hope they succeed and the guildmaster forgets to log in long enough, or returns to the game.

2 weeks of inactivity should be enough for devs to change the GM.
The guild should contact them and see what can be done.


Sounds l like a guild I see when I scroll down. That’s sad.

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Did that. It was like 15 days since the person was last seen and the GM happened to log in that very day.

To devs, the person just logged in, but their profile still showed they were last seen in whatever kingdom 15 days ago.

Some of us ran tests to see what someone can do without updating the last seen in date. You can collect tribute without updating it. If you explore or PvP among other things then it will update the last seen in date.

So the person could totally not think they’re even in the guild anymore and just get tribute once every couple of weeks and the timer for the devs starts over again.

Explain to devs: they could check his activity and maybe they could give the GM title to someone else.
Else, no solution then leaving the guild…


The difference was also pointed out to the devs too. Obviously, I can’t post the support reply here without violating community guidelines, but their hands are tied. Their policy is 30 days inactivity, not the higher bar of no guild activity or the last seen activity.

Honestly, we’re lucky the devs care enough to even give the option after 30 days of inactivity. It’s a shame there’s no build in mechanism for these cases.

Hopefully that GM will be contacted by guild mates and it will be resolved or else they are hurting the remaining members, I wish they could hold a vote and kick the gm but again that is not an option

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The GM was contacted by forum (by me and guildmates I think), discord (guild mates) and in game chat (guild mates). There has been no response. They tell me when the GM played their discord was also active and that’s no longer the case.

Another key takeaway for anyone in guild leadership: have a contact list with facebook/email contact info.

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When I took the lead of my guild it was 15 days of inactivity: the GM disappeared for 7 days, 5 players were completely inactive no way to kick them, so other players left the boat, etc. Horrible situation, but we survive :slight_smile: .

Good luck to them :wink: .


I didn’t want to mention the name of the guild in case the inactive admin was logging in intentionally.

After another month of patience, I am proud to announce Power Gems now controls their own guild again!

Now the hard work of rebuilding can begin. I applaud my friends in Power Gems. I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you. You’ve lost a bunch of brackets, all the way from bracket 1 Guild Wars down, but the climb back up will be part of the fun. That feeling of advancing is one of the things that’s so fun about an up and coming guild.

If you want to be part of the new Power Gems, contact the new GM, Syngo2. You can DM her at Syngo2#4855 on discord.


Your climb had been impressive. It has been sad to see the guild fall apart.
I hope to see Power Gems in bracket 1 again. Good luck!


On the other side of the coin, you have dedicated guild masters where no one wants to join a new guild :sob:

When you’ve worked hard to level statues up to max bonuses and the top 50, that’s something worth salvaging.

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I am Syngo2 the new GM for Power Gems.
First of all I want to thank everyone who has been supportive during our wait to gain control. It has been a long 47 days. During this process I have had the pleasure of getting to know a lot of players from several different guilds and you guys are great.
Power Gems is the only guild I have ever been in and I am very dedicated to this guild and yes it will be fun to work our way back up the brackets. We are currently ranked 58 in the league and have lost several players in the last 47 days, but we are still here.
If you are interested in joining in on the adventure of rebuilding the Power Gems , please DM me on discord Syngo2#4855.
I am looking forward to the challenge.



Congrats Syngo!

I’d suggest you start a new recruiting thread for PowerGems over in #Guild-Chat:Guild-Recruitment-PCMobile .

You’ll have a better chance of attracting new players if you advertise directly.

(Especially given the title of this thread!)


Well they were held hostage for a while.

They just got their freedom again. There will be a recruitment thread for sure. This is the happy ending. Hopefully other guild leader pay attention to what not to do so that more guilds don’t have to endure what Power Gems did.