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How to get invite into Guild Wars?

I’m with a guild but I have not gotten an invite to join guild wars. How do I get into guild wars in on level 128. I play daily. Do I need to leave this guild an join another?

You need to be in a guild that has registered for Guild Wars.

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As the poster above mentioned: You have to register the Guild for the week, but more than likely you are in an inactive Guild. Let me guess you used the “Guild Finder”.

There are many Guilds seeking members in Global chat today, At level 128 just find one with close to 30 active members.

These are recruiting ! (xbox)


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Thank you for the promo! Lol

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Any suggestions


Thank you Esslee :slight_smile:

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Connie made a home with MalteseShadow (Shadowed Warriors) for XBox :+1::+1::+1: