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How to delete posts?

Hmm, it was not as it seemed. Raksha kills count. Why I can’t delete posts? If I can, how?

PM/ping a mod and ask them to delete the thread. If you aren’t the OP, then push the “…” under the post. That should bring up a garbage can option that will delete the post. Not sure how it works if you are the OP, but a mod will be able to delete the thread. @Ozball?

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Thank you for the detailed answer. So the post had its meaning after all, since it can help others too. :slight_smile:

There are two reasons why threads can’t be deleted, as far as I can tell. For one, even “useless” threads can provide value to someone with a similar question in the future, and for another, deleting a thread would delete all comments too, and that’d give the OP a lot of power to bury comments s/he doesn’t like.

In some circumstances, such as spam, we will delete a thread; in others, like threads that are constantly derailing, we’ll lock them. Usually, though, we’ll leave them alone, and threads that are not relevant will just gracefully age out.