How much did you have to throw out to try get Monolith to Mythic?

Just curious to know as I see so many mythic Monoliths in the PvP. I won’t Mythic him, I’ve tried once with Forest Guardian when it was one old Legendary in the Event chests at the same time. So I know the risk and how costful it can be.

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Considering that it took over 300 Event Keys to get a single DM there was no way in heck I was going to press the already crappy RNG luck I had. :frowning:


So true, I got one quite early, but still decided to not risk getting more. :frowning:


For me it took almost 350 event chests to get it DM mythic.

It’s different every time, with some I’ve been lucky, with others not. Worth mentioning is Queen Ysabelle which only took around 170 chests even though she was a second legendary in her kingdom.


I did that once, to get Salad Dragon to Mythic back in the day. Never again, it was an immense waste of resources!
My rule of thumb for Event Keys is that I’ll spend enough on a new Kingdom to get the new Legendary to Mythic. On old Kingdoms with existing legends I’ll spend just enough 50 packs to get 1-2 copies, hopefully I hit on the first pull.


I wll probably use the same strategy myself. Eventho I of course wants everyone to mythic, it just sucks to be totally drained of Event keys/Gems and only get a copy or two, worst feelng ever…

Went for a 2nd Monolith.
50 in Zero
10 in One

So 60 more spent and a 2nd one found, not the worst luck, neither the best.
Now I must save my event keys for the next Legendary.


I used 300 event keys but sadly only 2 DM’s dropped for me. I’m in agreement that the risk vs the reward trying to get these legends ascended to mythic can be very taxing, especially if there is another legend in their respective kingdom.
Right now it’s not so bad to just aim for one or two copies, but once getting a kingdom to PL 10 becomes feasible that is when we will have to make some hard choices of what our strategies should be.


i might be using like 400 event keys (hunting abynissia) so will let you know. so far opened 100
first 50 - no legend
second 50 - 2x IK, 3x Monolith

gonna include screen shot when i get home

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Opened about 350-360 event keys.
Got 5 IK and 5 DM. Got 0 aby (was hunting for aby didnt care about getting more then 1 DM). Go 1 DM in first 50 keys.
Wont open anymore since im out of event keys and i dont want spending gems on them.
Oh i also have 105 incubus at mythic xD
Compared for last week where i got 8 krystenax in 150 event keys.


I used 60 to get one and get Incubus to Mythic for no good reason.

But whatever… RNG isn’t a problem. If you were a god person you’d fet tons of good stuff, right?

5 Legendaries out of 50 event keys, that’s SUPERB! :slight_smile:
Good luck hunting for Aby! :slight_smile:


At that point as now we will only get like 4 points for level up once, if most of our troops already are mythic/fully leveled and traited. I don’t know about PL 10, it might be that one needs to have a perfect score to get the last skill, but also it seems a little too stritch if it were like that(as newer players also should have a fair chance reaching PL10s in the future)…

I estimate I burned about 600, maybe more. Probably a dozen IKs, no Abynissia, six Dark Monoliths.

i dont think high kingdom power level is something meant for new players, considering the time needed to mythic low rarity units, even if they hunt a certain kingdom with appropriate amount of event keys.

its mid-game at the least…

i think kingdom power should be considered rather long term goal and it is good that it is that way - players do need long term goals not only the quick ones


That make sense, I also doubt new players today will ever have a chance for PL 10s in the future.

why not? i joined game ~april 2016 when it was like 1 year old already (if not more, im not sure)
and im already reaching max kingdom power with few kingdoms, i dont think even power lv10 would be out of my reach right now if the units to reach it were available and on my todo- list, i expect ppl joining now can still achieve it with appropriate amout of time and input, and they do have plenty of time from now till the time where enough of units is available to achieve this

I think you have a fair chance starting out in April 2016.
For players that joins today; mainly because it is too many troops now and too low resources since the Guild tasks has a lot lower payout in rewards than before, and also the question around how long the game will exist. (Btw my opinion stands only if one will need a Perfect troop score in a kingdom reaching PL10)

Players today, in an average guild, see so many more resources then when I began.

So while it may seem like the much larger number of troops, and traitstones are a problem, you get a consistent flow of resources.

Just think how many souls we had to work hard to far before all the new bonuses and soul generating troops. Take a look at how many legendary troops you have in excess of what you’d need to hit Mythic.

A player today sees almost every key opened as providing something useful. Sure, it will probably take them a year or more to hit star level 7+ in their cities, but they can get all their cities to rank 10 in a few months.

I’ll also dare say that PvP is more fun before you face the endgame too.


I think i got one with 50 event keys and the next 20 seems* to be lost with the server issues. Well, didn’t had a lot of luck…
But i wholehearthly agree with you @Esoxnepa. Even if some legendaries are a little hard due the RNG we are still gaining plenty of resources.

(* Not sure if i got anything out of those keys, but i contacted the support to see if something can be done about that.)

600 event keys
11 Kings
2 Monoliths