How many kidneys would I need to sell to reset Silver Necropolis to level 20?

I’m happy with either speculative or informed responses re: no. of kidneys :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face:. If more than 2, please also provide guidance on obtaining them; I only have 2 :worried:.

(Actual Feature Request, although not exactly a new one: I’d like to be able to play Silver Necropolis – or, realistically, any Faction – at level 20 despite having progressed past that point.

This is due to a number of issues. For starters, Silver Necropolis is wildly profitable to repeat at level 20, and I can’t do that anymore :slightly_frowning_face:, which means that those who haven’t progressed past that point have a tangible advantage.

Another part of this is my decision to stop progressing my Factions any further to prevent gaining stat points that would make Ranked PvP less profitable. More info on PvP/Matchmaking is available here (all posts by @Mithran – I make no apologies):

I think it’s terrible that anyone, even someone as ridiculous as me, could find themselves in a situation where such a decision could be a reasonable one.

Historically, I think we used to be able to say that there wasn’t really any way to screw up an account, and that you could basically play however you liked with no ill-effects or concerns in this regard – which is perfect for the casual mobile gamer!

Now, there are more and more addendums to this statement – and while these aren’t necessarily reasons for a player to start over, I just don’t think the feelings associated with the moment you realise you’ve accidentally crossed one of these boundaries, without being able to turn back, are beneficial to a player’s experience of the game.

Irreversible actions that either didn’t previously exist or didn’t have the same effect on gameplay include:

  • Levelling a Faction past 20 (or gaining stats from renown)
  • Levelling up too quickly (although the issues associated with this can be rectified)
  • Weapon upgrades
  • Levelling kingdoms
  • Kingdom stars

There are many other reasons why being able to play Factions at lower difficulty levels would be beneficial – this is just the latest thing that’s made it more important for me (esp. since Sunken Fleet releases after reset).

I guess you could call this a request to remove and prevent irreversible, meaningful decisions from appearing in the game (interestingly, an advertised feature in many other games – “Choices matter!” – but not potentially casual ones) – but I’ll settle for a kidney estimation :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.)


This very thing is why so many people created new accounts very recently. That and they got banned because they were a bunch of dirty cheaters, but this first.

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More important question: how many kidneys and/or virgin sacrifices and so on would I need to reset Fang Moor’s hoard level to 0 so I could level it to 100 properly without overshooting? I’m … pedantic. …very…


[How many kidneys would I need to sell to reset Silver Necropolis to level 20?]

I fail to see how this falls under Support Feature category, minus that sarcastic title.

Yes to your request. That should happen.

give a reason to actually reach level 500 with better rewards, different rewards than level 20, 100, or 250. It’s outrageously crazy that they are all the same.

I don’t have any other way to spend my 3 daily attempts but to day to day “farm”(?) level 500 Silver Necropolis because I have no other Faction lower than that and SN is currently the most profitable.

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Here’s a thought: Make choosing the first Delve option (0.5x multiplier) actually drop you a tier. So if you start at Level 150 and choose the weenie option, your next delve would start at level 140.

That way you could reset it yourself, but it would cost a ton of time and delves. Plus players who got in over their heads could back off a little.


One side of me agrees it sucks.

The other side of me notes the difference between the best faction to farm and the next-best or even the 3rd-best isn’t really all that much.

I’ve always argued factions were meant to last a long time. I felt like what the devs expected was for players to keep them relatively low, farm ingots, then later in the game push for the higher levels. Instead, the players saw a number they could make go up and set about pushing it as high as possible. Now the same players are upset that they can’t farm.

That said, once you have pushed a faction to level 500 it’s sort of worthless. The prizes for daily delve aren’t worth the effort to play a level 500. So I think if a player has gone as far as level 500, they should get to choose their level in non-event Delves from that point on. That at least would give all these people who somehow managed to “accidentally” push every possible faction to level 200+ a path to getting a farming faction back. Somehow these people made the same mistake 9 times in a row, so it’d be nice to help them out. They clearly need it :stuck_out_tongue:


I suggested this months ago.

Apparently it cannot be done due to technical reasons or limitations.

That’s likely because of the direction the game has been headed for a good while now. Similar to how on Invasion and Raid Boss weeks, we are supposed to cherish and chase the relevant event troop of the week and then perma-bench them after their event ends, delves were likely designed with the same mentality. Obtain a new faction, get a head start on it during its release weekend, level it up to 500 gradually using the 3 daily runs over the course of the month, and then “throw it away” when the next month’s faction is released and restart the cycle over again continuously for as long as the devs desire.

As such, delves were very likely designed to never have the ability to be reset intentionally, as that would conflict with the desired gameplay flow for delving. Much more likely than not, upcoming updates will probably have tweaks to delves to either encourage or hard push players into their desired gameplay flow for this mode, rather than give them the ability to reset delve levels.

The days of players being allowed to choose their own difficulty level of their matches has long passed (PvP, Overworld, coming “soon”).

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Well, you have a point there.

I would just like to get the Old Event weapons that I missed and the ability to choose between 3 pets instead of 1 default one when you get a Pet Gnome, and the Weekly Challenge.

That alone would make this game a lot better.

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