How long will Weaver be half priced, need clarification

Please someone with true knowledge of this reply so we can get some clarification. How long will weaver be half price? Originally it was 1 week, which for a lot of us was a kick in the gut. Now I am seeing some post that say a couple of weeks.

Could some official please make a post clarifying this issue? This is going to change if I use up some gnoma or not because I am going to come up short by Sunday if I don’t.

There has been some conflicting communication.

The pretty well buried official announcement in the Gems of War forum says:

The public facing announcement in the Puzzle Quest 3 forum trying to play down the issue says:


Note that players haven’t been notified in any meaningful way. This is currently still only known by frequent forum readers that dive deep into threads, it hasn’t even been mentioned in the weekly event post. It’s somewhat safe to assume that “a couple of weeks” is a similar gross exaggeration, just like “anybody who wants to craft it”. There’s no way players could obtain the “highly discounted” 2000 diamonds in a single week, and IP2 knows this very well.

TL;DR: The special recipe is supposed to disappear way before you could actually craft it.


this honestly needs to be answered

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Currently, we plan to leave it in there for at least 2 weeks, maybe 3.

This timeline was changed after I made my original post.

It will be removed out of the Soulforge during a weekly reset, so if you’re looking to craft it, just make sure to check the recipe as you normally would before hand.


Permanent discount may be a happy solution for all the drama.
Arachnaean Weaver is certainly worthy of a permanent spot in the Soul Forge line up.
And this way eventually every player can benefit from it. Regardless of if it takes them 7 days to grind out the diamonds or 7 years.
The code is already written. It’s already there. Just leave it and let there be peace in the GoW middle-east again.


Still wouldn’t be a good solution imo. An item being half off doesn’t help anyone who already bought it. They already paid.

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If the discount is the only compensation for those affected by the event chest miscommunication – and heavens, I still don’t get why you’re digging your heels in on this half-measure, a simple “hey, we were wrong, let’s make it right” gesture would go so much further towards recovering the trust you’ve lost with your players, but anyway – then as a bare minimum it should remain discounted for long enough for affected players to save up the required 2000 diamonds.

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The effected players were missing Arachnaean Weaver and would be able to craft it eventually in the Soul Forge.

Their “payment” is exchanged for a consistent troop in the forge for them to craft.

Even if Arachnaean Weaver had been in chests a large majority would of missed it in event chests due to real RNG.

Please don’t let fair outrage turn into unjust entitlement.

Settlements are best when both sides are unhappy with the outcome.

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I appreciate the response. I know this is not the solution many wanted, but keeping this half price, especially for 3 weeks, should capture most that missed out on the pull…

I still think some solution should be put in place for those will multiple copies of the new mythic who used keys to try and get weaver to at least be able to trade in, or exchange for keys.

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