How is Gar'Nok supposed to work?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
ETH: I cast Gar’Nok’s spell, and a level 12 Orc appears in an empty slot. He arrives with team bonuses, without kingdom bonuses, and after the other three slots get an attack buff.
WAH: I cast Gar’Nok’s spell, and an Orc appears all right. But it has the stats of a level 15 Orc – which is what my current troop’s level is – even though the card says it’s only level 12. After the Orc appears, the +Attack animation plays, but the Orc does not gain attack from it – he has the 13 attack expected from his 5 base attack plus the 8 for team bonuses (if I have only three marauders his attack is 11, again as expected from base+team).

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Use Gar’Nok’s spell.

This thread is part support, part feature request. Can Gar’Nok’s spell be changed? Make it in line with the animations.

(1) Damage
(2) Summon Orc
(3) Everyone, including the Orc, gets +Attack

This was mentioned in another thread, but didn’t get a comment from people who could make that change.

This got lost in the middle of the zombie thread swarm yesterday. Maybe today works better for responses.

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