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How in the world do you beat dungeon boss?

So ive tryed the first boss figth on ps4 and guess what not even had a change. So if im having trouble with a desent team how the hell will newbie’s handle this? Our is it only made for top players/guilds?

Just go after him with your top team. I used a combo of Gorgatha, Crimson Bat, Marilith, and Spirit Fox

Attack them with True Damage

I envy you, dungeons are easier than my 1 trophy PvP Battles.


Kraken/Kraken/Forest troll/Kraken. Easy as hell. Actually try to go with devour troops, as impervious aint working, and some bosses have it.

EK, Valk, Bat, Mercy. Taken down all 3 fights every day.

Don’t let the relevant threat cast. Same as you would worth normal PvP, except the teams are slower to start in general.

For now, while Impervious is broken use Maw to eat the big baddie. When Impervious is fixed in 6 months or so then switch to normal top PvP team.


6 months. Phft😉.

This will easily be fixed in the next patch. Updates have been spaced 3 months apart for ages… so Christmas :christmas_tree:

Will believe it when we see it, the track record does not support your statement that a bug will be addressed that quickly.

On another note, I am just whining about it anyway while I exploit the lapse. My main concern is why it was messed with in the first place as (as far as I know) there was no problem with Impervious so why was that code adjusted to input this bug. Then the issue of why did the beta testers find this very obvious bug when the Devs should have had them check Impervious once a change was done to that code base.

I actually LOL’d on this quote :slight_smile:


You see brudda the problem is that there were only really about 15 of us non-devs testing and several never could participate due to ios beta issues… I actually did go back and check on my beta and impervious worked as intended.

Devour makes all the bosses easy. I’ve blasted through them all with a Maw team. Kerberos, Kraken, etc. also trivialize the boss.

I’ve also found a Mab team to be very effective. The bosses are all color blocked (sometimes by multiple troops) so they never fill with Freeze. (Really bad design on those teams…)

I lol’ed big time

Try a dwarf team. Fortitude is a good alternative while Impervious is broken.

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How can you NOT beat a dungeon Boss?
Are you kidding?
Are you running on some high difficulty or something?
Wait, can you even adjust difficulty on Dungeon Boss?


I apologize @Vangor . I did not mean to imply that the beta testers were at fault here. The fault lies with the inept way the beta testing is done and planned by the Devs. When a new version is beta tested in a real development environment there are tons of checklists to go through to test things out to ensure that a new bug is not introduced to an old feature. New features are also exhaustively checked to ensure they are working as planned and there is also a itemized list of things and ways to check them to ensure that something does not blow up the application. Its a very regimented process in a proper development environment that addresses many egregious issues before a player ever sees them.

Now I know that GoW does not have the money for this type of beta test so they signed up quite a few dedicated players to do their testing for them, I am sure you all did a wonderful job of finding some (even most) of the glaring bugs before the product makes it to the general population. But your group of advocates/volunteers is no way a decent replacement for a real beta testing program.


@Clark i must confess myself completely ignorant of the way thinhs are supposed to be tested when it comes to computers. I am very bad at computering you see. And i thank
you for the insight you provide on how it is normally done.

I also want to say i wasnt offended by your comment i was just trying to share my experience of being a beta tester. I had neber done anything like that before and felt like ai spent more time figuring out what the hell to do than i did actually testing.


I wasn’t in on either of the GOW beta tests, but it sounded very different from what I saw when I would talk or visit with friends in the industry. Beta-testing the right way is no fun at all, which is why you generally need to pay people to do it. The instructions tend to be either something like “Do this exact thing 500 times and keep a log of your results” or “Walk around the outside of the entire world and see if you ever glitch through a wall”, or “Try to reproduce this bug that someone reported under conditions A through J”.

This seemed more like a sneak preview where they might happen to catch a few bugs if people were dilligent and self-motivated, but primarily a way to see if there were game-breaking problems with a wide variety of specific mobile devices. In that way, it was probably cost-effective and worthwhile, but not at all like a full beta-test.


As usual @Stan you nailed it! As far as i know we werent given any instructions other than play as you normally would and report anything amiss…

I will say tho that the ppl who were testing took it very seriously and tried to “break” the game

We had private channels on discord and here to communicate with the devs and each other so all in all i think it was a very good job of testing for what it was

And yeah stan your examples dont sound like they would be much fun at all lol


Not everyone is an end-gamer.

I think it’s pretty fascinating to see inside the non-end-gamer world. Really easy to lose sight of that on the forums when it’s .001% of the user base. It’s like talking with 1%ers about the cost of bread.

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No wonder I’m always loafing around! (Ooh, two at once!)