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How do you use your glory?

It’s safe to say that end-game players are using glory to buy their 10 event keys each week and get the new troop up to mythic. However, past that, what do you do with your glory?

First, it’s obvious that if you’re going to use glory for gold, you should buy the 300 glory troop instead of the 400 glory troop, because the amount of resources you get (5000 gold, 10 gold keys, 2 glory keys) is the same for both. You’re getting a guaranteed 5000 gold, so that’s 16 gold per 1 point of glory. Here’s what I can buy:

Those 2000 gold keys will get me approximately 20 gems, 1200 glory, and 26k gold. The 400 glory keys will get me around 30 gems (2-4 per key @ 2.5% chance), 400 glory (40 per key @ 2.5% chance), and 10k gold (~1k per gold @ 2.5% chance).

On the other hand, if I take the 60k glory and put it directly into glory keys, I would get around 225 gems, 3k glory, and 75k gold, and then another 12 gems, 160 glory, and 4k gold from that glory.

The major difference then is that if I invest it into the glory troop, I’ll get ~957k more gold. If I invest it into glory keys, I’ll get ~187 more gems. So… is 187 gems worth 957k gold? Probably not, because I can use that gold towards a legendary task, but I can only use gems for myself.


I mostly use glory for hoarding. Am I doing it wrong?

Also are you including the difference between 3000 glory keys’ worth of troops versus 400 glory keys’ and 2000 gold keys’ worth?


I hang a picture of it on my wall and adore like an art piece. Otherwise it’s useless to me for the most part.

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Gold troops are useless to me. 400 Glory keys:

Rarity Total Keys: 400
Rare 50.40% 202
Ultra-Rare 15.40% 62
Epic 4% 15
Legendary 0.50% 2
Mythic 0.01% 0

3000 Glory keys:

Rarity Total Keys: 3000
Rare 50.40% 1512
Ultra-Rare 15.40% 462
Epic 4% 111
Legendary 0.50% 15
Mythic 0.01% 0

1 mil gold is only 1 LT, i will take the gems anytime

In a week of new mythic, when I dont get it from guild chests, gem keys - I use glory for glory keys to get it. Sometimes its 20k glory, sometimes its 100k glory.

Yeah, one legendary task for 30 people… it’s not just you.

Ideally if you donate that one million then at least 29 others donate 1 million as well.
Unless you’re saying the entire guild should just invest glory into gems and negate any LT ideas.

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After buying weekly glory troop to mythic and 10 SoW packs, I just save my glory as an insurance policy in case I ever run out of keys chasing a new mythic. That said, I did go straight to spending glory after running out of glory keys the past two mythics because I had a mountain of glory and my gem stash was getting a bit low.


Besides event keys and glory troop. I try to get the new monthly mythic using only glory.

The real question then is whether or not your chances at a Mythic are greater from the 2600 additional glory keys, or from 30 legendary tasks.

I would much rather have 30 legendary tasks over 2600 extra glory keys worth of troops and some 250 gems. Not only do I have a better chance at a mythic through LTs, but also the keys from LTs can be gem keys, which are clearly better than glory keys by a large margin.

The real question is: Do you want a mythic or the (new) mythic?
So i also choose it as a backup for the new mythic.

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Using your glory chasing the new mythic is the best use. All the other resources you get on top of that I consider gravy.

Set yourself a minimum amount of glory to keep as backup (20k, 50k or 100k or whatever) and each new mythic spend glory keys/glory first chasing it.


Weekly troop > weekly troop ascended (good troops/epics/empowered converters) event keys > other weekly troop ascended > over buy weekly troop for a traitstone I really need > raw glory key opens

Main just mythics the troop every week regardless, has no need for traitstones, and I’m far from needing the raw glory to open mythics right now but its there if I need it. Alts mostly follow that pattern.

Your gold key gem estimates don’t take into account how many gems are given for the respecitve key drops btw. Gold keys can drop 1 or 2 gems at a time, equal weighting, for an average of 1.5 per time the gems drop. Glory keys estimates are correct at 2 to 4 at a time, average of 3 per time they drop.

The math does a properly proportioned legendary task has several times the “value” of the same gold spent by individuals on gold keys: Instead of LTs what about. Unless you value gems several times higher than I did, this trend persists even if you have all existing mythics and you are a top four donator in the guild, but completely discounting the fact that the top donators in the guild often set the pace for the middle ranks regardless of the guild requirement. The only real reason to spend raw gold on gold keys is if you really need a bunch of minor traitstones or a common troop ascenscion quickly, since this is still way cheaper in every instance than burning a respective orb (that you don’t already have a ton of). Gold is way easier to come by in that instance, otherwise, gold to gold keys is one of the worst investments you can make (right behind inefficiently putting treasures into hoard).

However, the huge part of the equation you are ignoring is that you are exchanging a massive amount of glory for a tiny amount of gems or gold, ignoring the other drops. While most drops can be safely ignored, as it is easy to bring them to the point where you never ever have to worry about them again, mythic draws are a lot less of a sure thing. The worst luck I’ve personally experienced on any single mythic draw was spending about 4.5x the average cost to not get it, and the second worst was spending about 4.5x the average cost and getting it only at the very end. Even if you are very very far ahead, this is probably the most critical thing to consider, especially in the face of any potential economy nerfs - you should never feel safe to throw away mythic pulling resources unless you get some other major tangible benefit from them. I can pull an average of about 40 mythics with what I have on hand right now and still don’t feel “safe”, for good reason. Aside from traitstones, which dead end hard, the biggest thing you get from legendary tasks are either mythics or mythic building resources.

So, lets look at the numbers from that lens. 2600 glory keys, the approximate difference you’ll lose get in this exchange by overbuying to mostly get gold for LTs, carries an MPP (mythic purchase power, or the amount of average mythics this resource will pull) of ~.364. The average legendary task carries an MPP of 0.005323 - 0.010323 MPP, the former number being if no random mythic in the drop pool is valuable to you and the latter being if every one is. Even adjusted for best case scenario where nobody in the guild owns any mythics yet and everybody contributes an equal amount to said legendary tasks, your per-player return on investment is about 0.296 MPP for ~28.7 legendary tasks with that extra gold guild-wide. And thats an ideal scenario where everybody in your guild is doing this and nobody has any mythics (somehow). Your effective MPP would be a fraction of that - most guilds capable of hitting legendary tasks nowadays more than likely have members that have a great deal of their mythic drops already, and most guilds don’t have requirements high enough where everybody is contributing an average amount to legendary tasks (need > 1.5 mil minimum to breach the barrier, anybody contributing exactly 1.5 min in said guild is not contributing any percentage to any legendary task). Theres obviously some rounding and estimation math in there and some of this has shifted (event keys are worth slightly more), but the gulf is so big that I’m pretty confident that there is no way you are better off using this metric by buying the extra glory packs for gold than using the extra glory on glory keys. That puts other incidentals aside, of course, but test case assumes you have enough glory to piss away by converting it to gold already. For those wondering, epic tasks mostly have a worse gold to MPP ratio than legendary tasks, because a lot of their “gem value” is in the other resources they give.

The further away from the late-late-endgame spectrum we go, the more valuable raw glory to glory key becomes by comparison to gold to legendary task, in particular being the highest ratio of epic troops per mythic drawn, which at this point is actually pretty crucial for filling out any event where you didn’t dump a ton of gems to ascend the godslayer/siegebreaker all the way (or that you happened to have started after). Because of the sheer bloat on Epic troops at this point, still generally the rarity tier added to most each month. On average, for each mythic you pull with glory keys, you will obtain ~263 epic troop drops, compared to the ~111 from gem keys or ~90 from VIP keys (including the double drops). If you have a comparable amount of mythic-earning keys of any type and you were starting from scratch right now, you would, on average barely finish ascending every single key dropped legendary before Epics using the worst Legendary to Epic ratio drop, glory keys. If you used primarily Gem Keys or Event Keys (for most kingdoms), your epics would be severely lagging behind. A comparable “mythic’s worth” of glory keys also give better incidental drops than Gem Keys, aside from ingots (which do not drop from Gem Keys in any usable quantity, even over the course of months of saving). Glory keys play a pivotal role here.

So I decided to go over this again with more broad stroke estimates to show how why this is impractical. For the raw mythic chance in legendary tasks, 0.005, 30 LTs garner an average of 0.15 (random) mythics. Including all resources dropped by the combined legendary tasks, you can earn an average of about another 0.15 mythics (the total mythics you earn are roughly half the raw mythic drop for random/old, little under half can go to the new/exclusive one, small portion of that can go to a specific kingdom in the form of event keys). For practical purposes, nearly half the mythic “value” in the above would be useless to any player enacting this strategy, because those mythics would be duplicates. 2600 glory keys average mythic drops is >0.36 mythics (historical drop rate of mythics from glory keys is 0.014%, with the 4 being omitted from the in-game display due to lack of decimal resolution, and it was claimed to have not been changed at this time, so this is the number I use in my estimates). If you trust the in game rates display more, its still 0.26 to be contributed to a new mythic, which is more than the effective value you’ll get even if everybody in the guild contributes to your legendary tasks, which in an of itself is not a realistic scenario. For a scenario just on the edge of believably, if you got, lets say, ten people in your guild to regularly enact this strategy, and none of them needed old mythics (because why would they at this point?), and they contribute above and beyond the other members of the guild, your total return on investment would be 0.05 mythics worth of resources for all 10 of them (plus 20 others that did not contribute here) while each of them gave up 0.26-.36 mythics (depending on which number you trust) worth for the pleasure. The only way the “use glory to get gold to get legendary tasks” number is bigger is if you trust that everybody in your guild will follow this method consistently, everybody needs every single mythic (and somehow not epics to ascend), and you trust the in-game rate display for glory keys, and even then, its only slightly bigger.

tl;dr: Would not recommend.


I use glory to get 1 of the new troops on release and then the 10 event keys.

After that, it gets all hoarded for new mythic releases. As a late mid-game player, I still use all my gem-keys for a chance at the older mythics. So the glory is used for new mythics. It hasn’t been uncommon to spend 1000+ glory keys and 100k glory and barely get the new mythic. Or not at all :confused:

So do these quantities each equal about 1 MPP?

  • 1000 gem keys
  • 909 event keys
  • 1000 guild keys (tier 6)
  • 20,000 guild seals (tier 6)
  • 10,000 glory keys
  • 200,000 glory
  • 4,000 diamonds
  • 400,000 shards
  • 100 VIP keys
  • 9000 gems (gem keys if below VIP 5) OR 4500 gems (VIP keys if VIP 5+)

All without counting the recursive but declining impact of gems/glory gained by opening some of the above.

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Roughly, yes, except Glory keys which is off quite a bit depending on if take the in-game display to be perfectly exact or rounded (0.014% drop rate historical for mythics on glory keys, which is ~7143 per MPP needed vs 0.01% drop rate to get 10000 per MPP, the game doesn’t display 3 decimal places for anything and this is usually minor, so the in game display while being technically a correct way to display this in game, is probably not accurate to the degree it should be because the lost resolution is a nearly 30% difference in effective value… or it could be completely accurate which would mean they changed it at some point). The rest are relatively minor - guild seals would be closer to 18.5k (~925 guild keys per mythic), which I generally do factor into any calc, with ~1042 for gem keys and not 1000 gem keys to get 1 MPP, and ~100.1 VIP keys for 1 MPP… to which using the estimates are almost always fine for any practical purposes.

I believe I did calc the recursive MPP for gold into gold key values for the absolute highest number of glory and gems when doing the calculation in the other thread to give the best case scenario for using gold to gold key to mythic-resource to show that it still came up lacking compared to LTs, but not for anything here. Since gem keys, VIP keys and event keys don’t drop currencies as incidentals, such a calculation would favor glory keys (and raw glory to glory keys) more. It would affect the old legendary task calcs numbers as well (which also use a sub-optimal route of glory > event keys, which is no longer even infinitely possible), but it would affect the raw glory key numbers more.

^ This is where I’m at.

I’ve been eyeballing the 300-Glory bundles for a while now but every time I think “no that’s a stupid idea I only need 41 of those” and leave it alone.

Yep, I buy the weekly troop to mythic and then save the rest for a rainy New Mythic Friday.

As an end game player: my regular gold I donate to the guild, Glory hoard is my last choice on new mythic Friday. If not used for the new mythic I then convert the glory to gold and use it to create a good hoard for the new delve. Looking good for next week!