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How do you get jewels?

They seem to be awfully important, but I cannot find a source for where to get them?
Only via daily dungeon?

Unfortunately you can only get them with dungeon and if you are willing to spend 50 gems you can buy the bundle in the offer, this will only give you the color of the day jewel

You also can craft them with shards and souls

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Well, that is upsetting.
I used the shards up, and only now I realize how important these jewels are, and there is no way to replace them. :confused:
Thank you for the information.

Out of curiosity, what did you convert those Shards into?

I should have turned them into jewels though, since I miss traitstones with which I wanted to craft one of the Legendary monsters :confused:

You also get shards and diamonds from guild tasks :slight_smile: The coloured jewels only come from dungeons though.

I think this thread might have the current info: 3.1 Guild Task Rewards - Pending Updates (up to 3,000 shards and 150 diamonds per week).

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You still have 4 days till reset. Plenty of time to get the celestial traitstones you need if you farm explore.

Hm, is there a way to find out where best to farm each traitstone?
I need that multi-colored one.

If you are referring to Celestial Traitstones, the chance to drop is equal for each kingdom. Explore mode gives you the highest chance, so pick a kingdom with an Arcane you still need and Explore there.

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Go to Hero > Collection and scroll down to the traitstone you want and click on it. It will then bring up a list of all kingdoms you can find it.

id say diamonds are more important to turn them into mythic later :slight_smile:
you will get enough of traitstones via farming much faster then you get enough of base mythic troops

Thank you, guys!
This is greatly appreciated. I’ll just go farm for the traitstones then, and hope I’m lucky :slight_smile:

Is there any information of how high the droprate is?