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How did he live? (Mang vs. Orc Armor)

Platform, device version and operating system
xbox one

Screenshot or image
This is the video of it happening:


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
The enemy unit Gar’Nok should have died, instead it lived.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
First time I’ve noticed it.

Steps to make it happen again
I haven’t tried to reproduce it. Perhaps it’s a unique combination of the hero weapon Mang vs the trait Orc Armor. This was during the final battle of round 1 in the current Warlord class event. Hero class was Titan with 6 talents.

The loss of armor is considered damage by the game, then Garnok gains 5 armor, then Mang deals damage (17) and he goes to 1 Life (he had 13 Life and 5 Armor) and then gains 5 armor again.

I hate how that trait works. I feel like I’m always guessing wrong if I am going to make a kill or not.

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Hey sorry I haven’t responded to this yet, I’m struggling to get your video to load up so I can see what happened.

My guess is that Razzagor is on the money with his response but without seeing the video I can’t say for sure.

I just checked and it loaded fine (checked in Edge browser).

Yes that was it, it gained armor in the middle of & after Mang cast.

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