How are brackets decided (bug?)

Here are the bottom of the final top 10 rankings.

Bracket 1
4 Intrim
7 Marthos Guardians
8 Tyrant
9 Black Dragon
10 Match Masters

Bracket 2
5 Unrepentant
6 Hoguns

Not that it wouldn’t be a relief to be in bracket 2. :slight_smile:

None Of The Above


Same question here. :slight_smile:


New theory, our guilds got devoured too many times. Kerberos ate us.


Its strange… We of Black Dragon fought last week Guild Wars with just 25 members and stayed as second last guild in bracket 1. We are happy about it, but we did not expect it to happen. Maybe in the calculations is also considered the average points per player and not just the total points?
On the other hand the devs stated that the up and down of guilds in brackets also take into account the points of previous weeks. Maybe that buffer helped us stay and let guilds that arrived last week freshly in bracket 1 move down again.

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where did they say so? (dont want to deny it, just genuinely first time i hear about it and want to read the original version)

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Yea I don’t know, it feels weird because… according to this…
These are the top of the GW rankings, however, if I go look at our guild score for last week, there’s a clear show that somewhere something wasn’t calculated right? I’m not sure exactly.

Top 7, lowest is 803K Points, yet we stand at 831K, so where are we in this placement, scrolling down, there isnt any trace of us, even if I scroll all the way down to #10 at 738K points.

@tanino: You appear to have been in bracket 3 last week, so you can’t finish higher than 21st for the week…

Only those in bracket 1 can finish in position 1 to 10.


OK, what you are saying makes sense.
But if we are locked to our own brackets at the end of the week, then what is the point in pushing to try and aim for a top 10 score if we can’t even get that reward, EVEN if we have enough points for it.

to pray to be put in the higher bracket next week :confused:
but since we dont even know what are conditions for bracket advancement its … well… :confused:

We did advance in bracket, however according to our calculations… we should have placed in the top 10, and be placed in bracket 1. I’m really curious to know how exactly the placements are calculated.


You couldn’t jump to bracket 1 as many guilds in bracket 2 had more points then you (at least 4 that i know of).
So getting 1 bracket higher is the correct movement for your guild.

What we did is add up the top 10 of points, regardless of brackets entirely, even with those guilds in bracket 2, our score would have placed us there. Assuming its only based on the total score.

the points you get in bracket 3 is likely “easier” rather than the points you will get at bracket 2 or 1. Not so fair if your guild points at bracket 3 compared to any guilds at higher bracket.
m2r, my 2 rupiah


At the end of the day, the top 10 should be whoever did the top 10 total points, there are people in bracket 1 who did less than some in bracket 2 and still remained in bracket 1. Thats why im saying its not very fair.

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Defenses in bracket1 are stronger thank in bracket2 or 3, so you can’t compare scores from different brackets


Defenses in bracket one might be like: DK-Famine-Death-Famine, all five battles. LOL
Will your guild get the same points against that defenses…?

IF points really the only thing that matter, GW will be exploitable :wink:
You can just tank GW for few weeks, and dropped few brackets.

So you could get the highest points from that low bracket and ends up with 1,134,000 points~


I am not sure which part you didn’t understand.
Your guild had 831k points last week. We were 13th guild in bracket 2 and we had 15k more points then you did.
So no, you wouldn’t be ranked in top 10 even if there was a global ranking.


You are omitting the people in bracket one who did less than you guys.

Im just trying to explain you how your points affected placement for your guild.
There were guilds in bracket 2 that had more points then you, and you are disregarding that.

I understand your point, and your logic behind it. But you can’t ignore that 4-5 guilds in Bracket 1 who ended up with less points.

Your point about exploiting is pretty solid, though the whole defense thing, that sort of team you described is literally what I’ve been seeing since GW started, personally, if the defs are worse, then so are the attacks. If a player can play well enough to outdo a stronger def then they should be rewarded for it.

(Also, going to leave now, have to run out and do stuff.)