How are brackets decided (bug?)

They ended with less points because they were fighting against other guilds from bracket 1.

Guilds that ended up on the bottom of bracket 1 in past weeks, and got demoted to bracket 2, typically ended up finishing at the top of bracket 2, and being promoted again. This shows that getting points in bracket 1 is much harder, so the points should be worth more.

I could be a guild in bracket 999, fighting against ghosts mostly, and getting the full points (1.13M) just because all of my guild bothered ‘fighting’ their battles. would I deserve to be in bracket 1 then, no matter how weak of a guild I am?


I appreciate the discussion about other brackets but it really doesn’t address the issue in the OP.

Unrepentant and Hoguns finished #5 and #6 respectively in Bracket ONE and still moved down to Bracket 2.

The lack of transparency is an issue because this kind of thing makes on wonder whether or not an up-and-coming guild actually CAN compete with the established top guilds simply because they’re not an established top guild.

@Saltypatra, @Sirrian
There needs to be some discussion here. If this is going to happen on a regular basis there’s no reason for any guild in the entire game to play GW if it’s reserved for the people that earned their spots based solely on pre-GW accomplishments.


This is ridiculous. I understand the desire to prevent people gaming the system, but this lack of transparency is way worse. Our guild finished higher both in bracket rank, bracket score, overall score including other brackets, and trophies (if those count, which they shouldn’t but it was rumoured).

@Saltypatra @Nimhain what reasons should I give my guildmates to convince them to keep playing GW? Considering all the bugs and now this inability to actually succeed even when we outperform other guilds in every possible objective and visible criteria? At present, I see no point in spending on sentinels or even really trying to compete in this farce, despite strongly defending it (warts and all) over the last few weeks…


I’m also massively confused by this change of brackets for our guild. We led bracket 2 last week, so we moved up to bracket 1. Great. This time we get 6th place, and move down, yet the team in 10th place two weeks in a row stays in bracket 1. How does this make sense in the slightest? Even a rolling total of two weeks would give us more points. Someone really needs to come around and explain how that can happen. If it’s based on anything other than your total points for the week…there is no point to aiming for these higher ranks if you’re going to just hand another guild bracket 1 week after week despite poor performance.


Also, I’d just like to say that our guild was top 10 in trophies this week as well. So if it has anything to do with trophy count, we should have passed that check as well.


Unless total trophies is a determining factor.

In which case, GW is completely rigged to reward pre-GW achievements. Which means, the actual “competition” isn’t a competition at all.


I answered that in the other thread. Tyrant has less total trophies than Unrepentant, and finished lower (#8) yet they didn’t get demoted.

In other words, there’s no apparent logic behind it all.


Unless guild level or age matters. but that would be even more unfair.

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Hoguns is one of the oldest guilds around at over 900 days so that’s not a likely criteria (or if it is a criteria, it’s not the one causing issues for Hoguns here).

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Any information here? Still wondering why Hoguns and Unrepentant were moved down but the 7-10 teams were able to stay in bracket 1…

I don’t understand how there are still doubts on how the GW works…
all the info is included inside the game, and is perfectly clear!
You just have to check the helpful ingame tooltips that the Devs
have included for us! :wink:

and so you can read all the info you need!


Uh right clicking the Guild Wars icon does nothing for me…

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Yup, just flag the post for the devs and ignore.

Hopefully we’ll get an official response soon, even if it’s just to reiterate that we don’t deserve to know.

You wanna scroll down that tool tip and take a screenshot for us? Since it appears to work for no one else but you?

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Sure :wink:



There’s no such thing as tooltips on mobile.


And the stuff in between? Seems you missed the crucial stuff. I play n mobile and I can’t right click a flipping thing.

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I was told to scroll down, and i did that!

i can’t copy and paste everything, it’s a very very long document :wink:


But the last sentence you showed was “and these were all the conditions checked inside the game to correctly place the guilds in each week bracket.”

Couldn’t you show us the conditions? I honestly can’t access that information from my tablet.

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