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How am I supposed to lead a guild without the chat working?

It’s not guild war. The event lasts for the week. It’s not ruined. Somebody feels really bad for what’s happened and probably hiding from their boss. His/Her day is way worse than yours

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Who said my guild falls apart? :thinking:

“How am I supposed to lead a guild without the chat working?”

And in a normal week I would be okay with that - just no during ToD. :woman_facepalming:t2:

yeah but first day, all newbie probably dont even know there is a website explaining how it work

what you guys mean TOD tower of doom was last week ???

Guess that means you’re on Switch. All other platforms are on ToD.


Nintendo Switch is on different weeks than other platforms. (I’m Slow Typer) What blindnighto said…

Chat being down sux, but at least it isn’t the weekend (yet). Everything sux more on the weekend.

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Everything makes sense now :rofl: I forgot Switch was on a different schedule and was so confused.

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i didnt knew im sorry !!!


Looks like the chat is finally back working (on Android, at least)


Our server programmer has been looking into this over the morning.



We have pushed some fixes, please restart your devices and let us know if you still can’t access chat.

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Working here (Android 8, Galaxy S7)

switch is fine wich a couple of crash and rollback from the chat

Switch is not fine. Chat not working

It’s off again - for the umpteenth time today :astonished:

It should all be working as of late last night. (Around 8 PM AEST.)