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How am I supposed to lead a guild without the chat working?

It’s been hours at this stage and I am getting seriously frustrated about the chat still not working and this during ToD our most competitive event! How are we suppose to coordinate/scout etc without being able to communicate and only half of our guild is using discord as well as in game chat! Rooms that have been posted around the time the server went down are inaccessible at the moment so my entire guild is waiting to get the chat back to be able to continue. We are playing for global leaderboard and this is just not good enough!


Already a post… just add to that

Might as well just chill for a bit. If it don’t work for you then it ain’t working for other people. You’re still on even playing ground.

I don’t force discord on my guild so yeah, this is tough for us too.

It’s 1 AM in Melbourne so I don’t think the devs are aware about this yet.

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Always faction assault, guild shouldn’t fall apart without a leader for 6 hours :slight_smile:

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Jeah I agree. If your guild falls apart without chat for 6 hours then your guild probably sucks.

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the worst is they didnt said anything about the game being broken, and yes its pissing me off too, the GUILD WAR is completely RUINED, we cannot even contact our newbie who need help

It’s not guild war. The event lasts for the week. It’s not ruined. Somebody feels really bad for what’s happened and probably hiding from their boss. His/Her day is way worse than yours

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Who said my guild falls apart? :thinking:

“How am I supposed to lead a guild without the chat working?”

And in a normal week I would be okay with that - just no during ToD. :woman_facepalming:t2:

yeah but first day, all newbie probably dont even know there is a website explaining how it work

what you guys mean TOD tower of doom was last week ???

Guess that means you’re on Switch. All other platforms are on ToD.


Nintendo Switch is on different weeks than other platforms. (I’m Slow Typer) What blindnighto said…

Chat being down sux, but at least it isn’t the weekend (yet). Everything sux more on the weekend.

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Everything makes sense now :rofl: I forgot Switch was on a different schedule and was so confused.

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i didnt knew im sorry !!!


Looks like the chat is finally back working (on Android, at least)


Our server programmer has been looking into this over the morning.