Hotfix Plans

Hi Adventurers,

We have some issues in version 6.6 we’ve released a hotfix for.

The issues are:

  • On mobile if you “download all assets” from the graphics settings menu in game, the download will freeze.

  • The map flashes red when returning to it, and occasionally appears very dark or black

  • The settings, chat and game speed buttons are off screen and can’t be used inside battles on some tablets and squarer screen/window resolutions.

  • Empty event shops and missing offerings in the Shop on the world map.

We are aware that there are issues with the UI on these screen resolutions on multiple screens, however as the hotfix will be pushed out as soon as possible, it’s better if we fix just the battle screen for now, and then fix the rest of the UI for our planned updates v6.6.5 or v6.7 so we have adequate time to test everything rather than releasing a lot of changes very quickly. We will be doing our best to fix this in 6.6.5 but it may be split across to 6.7 as well.

This update was release on 8th November on all platforms except Switch who will get these fixes at a later date.

Thank you so much for your patience.


Some of my guildmates did like the pink mountains though :rofl:


The land stained red with the blood of your enemies!


Muhahahahahah blood red – I love how graphic this is getting …

Now if it woudn’t do during a battle (the disappear parts of the screen, like the troops or the board) that will be awesome. (I have found a work around by going into the Retreat screen and coming back into the battle re-renders the screen.)

I think this Mordor mode of Krystara is quite fitting for Halloween.


Next time this happens can you please grab me a screenshot?

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Stained with the blood of gnomes on a Monday after a Vault Event I guess. (happened after coming out of a Vault battle)


Not sure if you’ll see this @Kafka

There’s been issues with the way the game extracts and composites image assets since the early days of version 6.x (not sure which, exactly).

It looks like the edges of sub-images are being anti-aliased when they shouldn’t be.

As a result, we get light lines around the edges of the sub-image extraction blocks. And this is pervasive throughout the game – I’ve seen it on pretty much every composited screen in the game. It’s not tearing, though it could also be described as such. It’s quite noticeable, and extremely unprofessional.

Given that it started with a particular version, it should be pretty easy to track down whatever change it was your programmers made to break the perfectly-operating previous system.

PS: The very first time I saw this, it was restricted to just a single, new Mythic (reported at the time). Later, it was suddently evident all over the place. The former suggests it could be related to how you pre-process the image assets, but I haven’t looked into them to see. The subsequent ubiquity either suggests you re-processed all your asset sheets, or you changed the compositing algorithm.

If you need more info, you know how to reach me.


Seems to me, the smart thing to do would be to renegotiate the update schedule. After all, your players won’t notice if unannounced content is delayed! (And we’ll be a lot happier if the game works properly.)


also check this:
Carmina art work are over the text


Will this hotfix version appear in the amazon store, which currently at 6.5 and wont run

also this:
On the official news one of legendary battle is “Wrath”:

We have instead > “Wrath Naga” (Naga Iracondo)
Clearly a mixed translation between names

italian version

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German translation has the same issue.

Im also getting a permanent red screen


As a Switch player, I have noticed occasionally images having diagonal vertical stripes through them as the asset is loading, but it always disappeared too quickly (and doesn’t recur) to warrant much concern. (If you need screenshot/video confirmation then yes, I’ll be ready to capture one whenever the next time I see it is).

If you get the red map screen, can apparently be fixed by swapping to Underworld and back again. No need to restart the game.

If it bothers you at all. I like the new Halloween ‘feature’ myself :laughing:

This is normal, it’s the downloading indicator when your Switch is downloading the art asset you need for the first time.

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yeah but what hapened to the autoplay button in battles?

It’s there, are you playing windowed or on a tablet? We have a known issue where the buttons at the top corners of the screen are getting cut off so you can’t see them on 4:3 screens. This will be fixed in the hotfix for inside the battles.

Hi all,

We’ve added a fix to the hotfix:

  • Empty event shops and missing offerings in the Shop on the world map.

Also, I’ve spoken to the team and we’re hoping to have the hotfix released within the next week.