Horse with No Name (Nintendo Switch)

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New Raid Boss Troop: Nightwing

Nightwing will be available in the Raid Boss Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Ultra-Rare Troop: Horse Lord ![|500x250](upload://4sHVSblC0ZTJ9hGGaE0ANW9LhVQ.jpeg)

The Horse Lord will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Weapon: Rose Bow


This week it will be available in both the Raid Boss shop, and in the Soulforge.


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Here you go Switchers.


Raid boss is tricky this week. Bul’Tauros has been really useful so far, but I don’t have Yasmine’s Pride to boost his life for later levels. Will probably have to experiment with some of the other healing weapons, I’m thinking (so lame that Divinion Fields doesn’t have any troops that give life to allies).