Homebound 3 recruiting! 27/30 1 requirement 1k seals (but push for 1500)! recruiting open!

Welcome to Homebound 3, We have 1 requirement 1000 seals, but preferable that you get 1500 !! just looking for acitvity. however you chose to play. Starting to push to make this guild more active, we usually get all statues to level 7 at least, with a couple of extra levels here and there. Seals are normally close to 30k,

What we are looking for:

  • Active people! We want people that log in more than once a week!

  • Friendly people! Help make guild chat and the discord a vibrant welcoming place!

  • People that want to learn and improve their game!

  • Do not care so much about level, just want active people,

What we have to offer:

  • generally get statues to at least level 7

  • always over 20k seals, I am going to be pushing for 40k,

  • A friendly welcoming atmosphere!

  • Access to Homebounds discord, we have many useful discussions and great info there.

  • Priority access to our higher level, more active guilds! Members of homebound 3 will always get first dibs on any vacancy that arises.

  • Guild events NOT required!

  • the guild is actively managed, dead weight is removed weekly.

Homebound 3 is our place for you to grow and finish leveling your kingdoms and get a few good cards. When you are ready to move up, we have Homebound 2, a more mid tier guild, that gets 40k seals every week. They get a few legendary tasks every week, 8 last week!

When you have grown some more, gotten a few good cards, and some stars on your kingdoms, and are ready to move to a top 100 guild (currently ranked #47 you will have priority access to Hombound, as spots become available. Our main guild finishes all tasks on Monday, and have been averaging 20 legendaries a week, we get 40k seals, we completed raids and invasions and are guild wars bracket 4 !! If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, Join Homeound 3 today!

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20 openings, they will go fast, get in while you can!

Still room for more!

Join me!!! NO requirements! lots of helpful people!

come on ride this train, you can ride it

great! invite incoming!

just added 3, lots of low levels, come be noobs with us! Or if your high level and want to help get some work done on statues, that would be great too :stuck_out_tongue:

about half full, looking for more! Join us! there is punch and pie

Pick me pick me lol

OkaY! invite inc!

If you stil have a free spot , i would like to join to.

sure! invite coming in a minute

invite sent!

Got room for 2 more? My wife and I are both 1500/week seal contributors.

Hey, my wife and I play an account together daily and are lvl 298 but are the only active account in the guild we are in. I would love to get into a guild that is active and start experiencing that half of the game.

sure, what are the invite codes?

i think i can make room for you guys too, what are your invite codes?

oh nevermind, you share the account, thought you ment there were 2, can definitely do that :slight_smile:

Our invite code is:

Gotcha, invite has been sent!