Homebound 3 recruiting! 27/30 1 requirement 1k seals (but push for 1500)! recruiting open!

Awesome, just accepted. Thanks!

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2 spots open, starting to push for more activity! now requiring 500 seals!

starting to push to be a more active guild, minimum is now 1k seals. But i really want people to get 1500. 1k is just the min you do even on a super busy week.

Are you still recruiting?

yup! if you can get your seals :slight_smile:

I can do my best, (mom life) I’ll try and let you know otherwise though.

invite coming in a minute, please make sure you have left your previous guild!

Sorry got an answer before this one, thank you though!!!

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Hello fellow gamers! My family and friends (5 people in total) are looking for a guild to hangout and make new friends with. We have a very good idea of the game and are active a lot. We don’t really care much for the requirements on some guilds but we do all the weekly and daily events, we cap out on our 1500 seals ea week. We are only PC/Moblie. If anybody is wanting to take us and chat, feel free to contact me on here or on discord (Soro / Cody#7702 or add Ytesia#1692)