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I get 1500 seals every week, and roughly 100 trophies. Quite willing to fight in guild wars, but don’t have great teams as of yet (been playing about 4 weeks, level 186.) Still leveling my kingdoms, but once I’m done with them I’ll be happy to donate gold as well. Please let me know your guild requirements, if you have any chat systems that you use outside of the game, and what level of guild chests you get to.

Most of the time you can catch casual guilds recruiting in global. There are also a ton of guild recruitment threads on here. Thus is where we do most of ours. But I would think it would be easy for you to find one in global

Yep, currently in one I found that way. The problem is that they are a little too casual - they didn’t manage to hit 10k seals this week. Looking for a guild that is a little more serious, but not ready for any high ranking guilds as of yet.

There are a bunch them. I would just keep an eye out in global and in here. Also if you use discord there is a recruitment thread on the gow channel

I think i can make a spot for ya… We are rank 177 last i checked and we always get around 35k seals… We also ask that you do not donate any gold until all your kingdoms are level 10


There ya go…sounds like a good fit.

@Vangor Thanks, sounds interesting. What are your requirements? Do you use another chat system (such as Discord or Line?)

Hi, Alverin.

Temple of Sekhmet has one or two openings left.


Let me know what you think.

Chy’tara/Sekh’met/Lady Kendra

P.S.: We are proud to say that T of S has this week breeched the 20K milestone.

Thanks everyone who took a look at this. I’ll be joining up with Gems of the Ostfront.


I am sending invite in about 5 minutes brudda!

Which guild brudda ? do you make the 40,000 seal ? I interested if you do, otherwise I not interested if you don’t.

@Chocky we get close every week but we are full for now :sunglasses:

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When you not full again ?

Maybe sunday… What do you offer?

We also have a spot open at Geminy Crickets; 29 members on discord and a very welcoming community.

Our recruitment thread can be found here if anyone would like to take a look and get in touch :slight_smile:


Hey Alverin,

Impure will have a spot opening this week as a player is leaving us.
Reqs as follows
GOLD: 50K if you are leveling kingdoms still, 300k once kingdoms are done.
SEALS: 1300

Rank 213, we hit 40k seals, and are working towards legendary tasks.

We are a “harsh casual” guild, bunch of 18+ members getting together and complaining about AI. We use discord for communication. Put in the time and reqs, and we’ll be your guild for a long time

Thanks everyone who took a look at this. I have joined up with Gems of the Ostfront.